AntiGuest prevents players from doing specific things like building and fighting, which can be used to grief.

Every prevention has its own configurable message which will be printed to the player. This message supports color codes (&0, &1, ..., &e, &f, &k)

How does this work?

AntiGuest uses permissions to determine whether a player is allowed to do a specific action. So you should (not necessarily needed, but recommended) install a permission manager like bPermissions or GroupManager along with AntiGuest. Usually you only want to prevent your guests from doing things like breaking and placing blocks (griefing), so you should not give your guests' group the permission to do so. However your accepted players should by able to do these actions. That can be achieved by adding the permission "antiguest.preventions.*" or a action specific permission to the player or his group.

As you might see, this system allows more than just "guests can nothing, members everything". You could for example stagger the permissions like "guests can nothing but chat; trails can chat, place and break blocks; members can everything" and even more complex setups, it's completely up to you.

Watch out! Tips for common mistakes
  • All preventions are disabled by default since version 3.0 (3.2 changes that, see the table below)
  • All preventions have their own configuration file since 3.1, since 3.2 the old configurations will be converted
  • The permissions are all lowercase, check that before you report AntiGuest not working


NamePrevents from ...On by defaultFilterablePunishableLoggable
adposting server addresses (also enables link, see below)yesnoyesyes
afkidling players by kicking them after a configured timenononoyes
anvilusing anvilsnonoyesyes
beaconopening beacon inventoriesyesnoyesyes
bowshooting bowsyesnoyesyes
breakblockbreaking blocksyesyesyesyes
buttonpushing buttonsnonoyesyes
cakeeating cakesnonoyesyes
capswriting all-caps messagesnonoyesyes
changesignchanging signsyesnoyesyes
chestaccessing chestsyesnoyesyes
commandusing specific commandsnoyesyesyes
damagegetting damagednoyesnono
dispenseraccessing dispensersyesnoyesyes
dooropening or closing doors (including fence gates)yesyesyesyes
dropperopening dropper inventoriesyesnoyesyes
dropdropping specific itemsnoyesyesyes
enchantaccessing enchantment tablesnonoyesyes
fightdamaging other playersyesnoyesyes
furnaceaccessing furnacesnonoyesyes
guestlimitgetting too many guestsnononono
hopperopening hopper inventoriesyesnoyesyes
horseinteracting with horses/mules/donkeysnonoyesyes
hotbarchanging the selected hotbar slotnonoyesyes
itemframechanging item framesyesnoyesyes
itemusing specific itemsnoyesyesyes
jukeboxusing jukeboxesnonoyesyes
lavabucketusing lava bucketsyesnoyesyes
leadusing a leashnonoyesyes
leverusing leversnonoyesyes
linkposting clickable linksyesnoyesyes
milkingmilking cowsnonoyesyes
monstergetting targeted by monstersyesyesyesno
movemoving too faryesnoyesno
noteblockusing note blocksnonoyesyes
pickuppicking up specific itemsnoyesnono
placeblockplacing blocksyesyesyesyes
pressureplatetriggering pressure platesnonoyesyes
repeaterchanging the repeater delaysnonoyesyes
shearshearing animalsnonoyesyes
sneaksneaking (hiding the name above his head)nonoyesyes
spawneggusing spawn eggsnoyesyesyes
tametaming animalsnonoyesyes
tradingtrading with villagersnonoyesyes
trampletrampling cropsnonoyesyes
tripwiretriggering trip wiresyesnoyesyes
vehicleusing vehicles (entering, placing, destroying, pushing)nonoyesyes
waterbucketusing water bucketsyesnoyesyes
workbenchaccessing workbenchesnonoyesyes
How does filtering work?

Filtered prevention allow you to filter the action which will be prevented.

For example the command preventions which can either prevent the usage of all commands or just a specific set of commands based on a whitelist or blacklist

Filter configuration
  • mode:
    • none: everything will be prevented (aliases: -1, nolist, all)
    • whitelist: the listed entries are NOT prevented (aliases: 0, white)
    • blacklist: only the listed entries will be prevented (aliases: 1, black)
  • list:
    • the list of entries. this might be commands, item names or anything else depending on what the prevention does
    • this list will be ignored if the mode is set to none


Since version 3.3, AntiGuest allows to automatically punish players. These punishments are configurable per prevention.

You can specify multiple punishments per violation, you can look at the default punishment values in the configs

banBans the playerreason: the ban reason
burnSets the player on fireduration: the burn duration in seconds
dropitemDrops the held itempickupDelay: the pickup delay in seconds
explosionCreates a fake explosion and damagesdamage: the damage to deal
kickKicks the playerreason: the kick reason
killKills the playernone
lightningStrikes a fake lightning on the playerdamage: the damage to deal
messageMakes the player send an awkward messagemessage: the message to send
potionPoisons the playerduration: effect duration, effect: type
rocketShoots the player in the airheight: the number of blocks
slapSlaps the playerdamage: the damage to deal
starvationLets the player starvenone

No configuration is specified as {}


General syntax: /antiguest <command> or /ag <command>

helpprints a help text
can [player] <preventionname>checks whether the player (or another player) passes a prevention
list [-a]lists the active or all registered preventions
reload [prevention]reloads the plugin
setmessage <prevention> <message>sets the message of a prevention
language [language]shows or sets the language
badword <word>adds a bad word to the swear prevention
disable <prevention|*> [-t]disables a specific prevention or all at once
enable <prevention|*> [-t]enables a specific prevention or all at once
resetresets all configurations


AntiGuest 3 needs at least Bukkit 1.1-R5!

  • Just put the AntiGuest Jar-File into your plugins folder
  • If you're upgrading from an older version you might remove your config to get a fresh one
  • restart/reload your server
  • The configuration files will be generated/updated as soon as the plugin gets enabled


Permission nodeDescriptionDefault
antiguest,violation-notificationThe player will receive violation notificationsnot assigned
antiguest.*Allows the player to do everythingoperators
antiguest.commands.*Allows the player to run all commandsoperators
antiguest.commands.<command>Allows the player to run the specific commandoperators
antiguest.preventions.*Allows the player to pass all preventionsoperators
antiguest.preventions.<prevention>Allows the player to pass the specific preventionoperators

Base configuration

EntryDefault valueDescription
debugfalseEnables or disables debug output
languagesystem valueSets the language of all texts
punishmentstrueGlobally disables or enables punishing
log-violationsfalseGlobally enables violation logging
prevent-npcfalseEnables the preventions for NPCs

Developer Notice

Plugin developed by Quick_Wango - Cube Island

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