Timed Fire By Cause

This page contains details of the nerf_fire.timedcauses configuration node, which is used to specify burning times for listed ignition causes. Note that the normal behavior of fire fading or blocks burning up is suppressed for blocks lit in this manner. Flammable blocks lit by these timed methods will never burn up (i.e. disappear). Fire spreading can still occur (if not suppressed by this plugin).

[New in 2.7] If you wish this to apply to infinity burning blocks (such as netherack), set nerf_fire.timeNetherackToo to true.

Currently, this config item is active for all worlds on the server. If the timedcauses node is not present, no additional overhead should be incurred. Once enabled, RAM usage is limited by a design that only uses one timer task.

Restriction: Does not work in a world for which game rule doDaylightCycle is false.


Each entry under the timedcauses node is a key string followed by its numeric value. The numeric value is in milliseconds. Note that the minimum possible delay is 50ms, but asking you for millisecs is easier to understand. So it will be rounded down.

[New in 2.7] You can also specify a range if you want a little randomness, in alternate form of low-high. Selected fire time-out will average to the average of the two numbers. Most will fall within the range, but 5% of values will fall outside that range. For the mathematically minded, it is a normal distribution with the mean in the middle between the two, and the two numbers sitting at two standard deviations from that mean.


The causes are string values which include Bukkit IgnitionCause but are further detailed by entity type. Either form of the strings, full or short name, is acceptable. Each row is equivalent, and case is ignored.

Full nameShort nameDescription
LAVAlavafrom adjacent lava
FLINT_AND_STEELflintby a player
SPREADspreadby adjacent fire
FIRECHARGEchargealso called a "small fireball"
FIREBALLballnormally from a ghast
WITHERwitherfrom Wither boss spawning
WITHER_SKULLskullfrom wither boss thrown skulls
ENDER_DRAGONdragonfrom dragon's flight path through blocks
UNKNOWNunknownfire-setting explosion from some other plugin

It is acknowledged that all explosion types do not normally start fires, but it is possible with other plugins (like AntiCreeper) to change that behavior.


    charge: 10000  # ten seconds

The following two rows are equivalent:

    cart: 31426
    MINECART_TNT: 31426

Examples of ranges:

    flint: 7000-21000
    tnt: 10000 - 30000