Commands and Permissions


AntiFire doesn't require any Permissions plugin, but you can use one to override an active anti_fire.nostartby.player setting, if you want. It should work with any Bukkit-compliant Permissions plugin.

action permissions

antifire.startfire - allows player to start fire. If set overrides config setting nerf_fire.nostartby.player.

antifire.burnmob - allows player to set fire to mobs, overriding nerf_fire.noburnmobby.player

antifire.burnplayer - allows player to set fire to other players, overriding nerf_fire.noburnplayerby.player

antifire.burnentity - includes both above permissions

antifire.placelava - allows player to place lava, overriding nerf_fire.noplacelavaby.player

command permissions

antifire.logview - allows log command. Default: true

antifire.teleport - allows tpf command. Default: Op only

antifire.admin - allows use of the af command. Default: Op only

antifire.fireman - allows use of the extinguish command. Default: Op only


  • log [next|]
    • no args displays last 10 fire starts
    • next arg displays next 10
    • displays last 10 by that player
  • tpf [#|]
    • no args teleports player to last firestart location. Beware, you may teleport into fire!
    • # param means "last minus N entries", to go further back in the log
    • param teleports to last start by that player
  • extinguish command to put out fires
    • with no params, puts out fires within 20 block radius of player
    • or supply # param as desired radius
    • or use world param to put out in entire world
      • to that, optionally add a different world name to extinguish in
      • or use special name all to put out in every world. This takes some time.
      • possible to run from server console if you supply a world name
    • last param will extinguish 20 blocks w/in the last entry in the firestart log
      • add a third param of a # to pick last minus # entry
      • or add third param of a user name to pick the last firestart location by that user
      • possible to run from server console
    • also accepts a username parameter to extinguish 20 blocks from current location of supplied, logged-in user
      • possible to run from server console
  • af admin prefix to the following subcommands:
    • print prints currently set config values (not any defaults) from RAM
    • flush forces a flush of the entire firestart log to disk
    • fireproof|burnable [#] Behaviors per below:
      • with no param, displays current blocklist and current effect based on whitelist setting
      • with param, which can be either comma-separated block IDs or[3.0] Bukkit Material name strings,
        • appends supplied block(s) to the blocklist if whitelist value matches command name used, or
        • resets whitelist per command name used and blocklist to supplied ID(s) if whitelist doesn't match command name
    • spread [on|off] displays nospread setting for current world, or sets it on/off per supplied param.
    • save overwrites config.yml with currently set config values, as modified with commands above
    • logstart [player|lava|lightning|fireball|explosion|crystal [true|false [all]]]
      • allows modifying logstart configuration for in-game world
      • without true|false param, assumes you meant to turn on
      • if from console, must use all param
    • nostart[by] [player|lava|lightning|explosion|fireball|crystal [true|false [all]]]
      • same usage as logstart command
    • nodamage[to] allows modifying nodamageto config item
      • same usage as logstart command
      • possible 1st parameters: block, player.fromlava, player.fromfire, nonplayer.fromlava, nonplayer.fromfire
      • yes, must include dots in parameter name
    • noburn(mob|player)by allows modifying noburnmobby and noburnplayerby config items
      • possible 1st parameters: player, mob, op
      • all params accept true|false
      • other params except op accept optional "all" param; otherwise current (player's) world is assumed
    • opstart true|false
      • modifies if an Operator can always start a fire or not
      • sets nostartby.op
    • noplace[by] player|op [true|false [all]]]
      • same usage as nostart
    • opplace true|false
      • modifies if an Operator can always place lava or not
      • alternative means to set noplacelavaby.op
    • logplace lava [true|false [all]]
      • turns on/off logging for lava placement
    • charcoal [max [int]|random|fixed|on|off] for adjusting whether and how burnt logs drop charcoal
      • with no params, will display current worlds where it is effective
      • max param alone will display current maximum, and whether random or fixed
        • max [int] will set new maximum charcoal to drop
      • random|fixed will set whether number of drops is fixed at max, or whether random from 0-max
      • [on|off] param will set whether drops is active for current world. Doesn't work from server console
    • timed [clear|netherack|rain[Overrides]|<firecause> [clear|#[-#]]]
      • with no params, prints current settings of timedcauses node
      • clear subcommand clears all settings
      • netherack command sets timeNetherackToo for current world to provided true|false or just prints current value
      • rain command sets rainOverridesTimed for current world to provided true|false or just prints current value
      • optional range, separated by a comma, specifies a range for the timed cause
      • or provide a full or short cause name and whether to "clear" or the desired milliseconds to delay for such a cause.
        • just the name will print the current setting of only that cause

Command examples

Nerf fire a LOT

Log into the world intended, and execute these commands

af nospread 
af opstart true
af nostartby lightning 
af nostartby lava
af nostartby player
af nodamageto block
af print 
af save

Put out fire around last place a fire started, and then teleport there

extinguish last 

Put out fire around a player

extinguish [playername]

Put out all fires in current world

extinguish world

Set TNT to burn things from about 10-30 seconds

af timed tnt 10000 - 30000


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