What is AntiCheatReloaded?

AntiCheatReloaded is an updated version of the abandoned 'AntiCheat' project. Right now, i'm just updating it and squashing bugs, but i'm aiming to make it a very powerfull plugin!

The description of AntiCheat; AntiCheat helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of players. AntiCheat looks for tell-tale signs of hacked clients and implements limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking.


This plugin uses Metrics, which sends statistics to If you want to disable Metrics, go to the "bStats" folder in plugins, open config.yml and set opt-out to true.

Developer Tools

General Information

  • Permissions: this is the old permissions page of AntiCheat, might be outdated! (click here)
  • Config: this is the old config tutorial from AntiCheat, might be outdated! (click here)

Bug Reports

You can report bugs by creating an issue on our GitHub page, then we'll try to fix them.


This is an old video, made by the creator of AntiCheat, it might be outdated!

My video (this is at this moment (27 May 2016) the latest version):


Full credits and respect to/for gravity_low for creating the original AntiCheat in the first place!


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