AntiCheat+ is a fork of the very popular anti-hacking plugin, AntiCheat. After its discontinuation, many server administrators wished to have this plugin updated. That's the goal of this project; to maintain, continue, and build upon the original AntiCheat. AntiCheat+ will hook into your existing configuration data for the original AntiCheat, so that you can seamlessly switch between the two.

AntiCheat+ helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behavior of players. AntiCheat+ looks for tell-tale signs of hacked clients and implements limits into the game so that players cannot gain an advantage by hacking.

For support of any kind, please leave a support ticket by clicking the link to the top-right of this page, or leave a bug in the official Bug Tracker.


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For an overview of the plugin's configurations, click here.

Developer Tools

Source code

Latest/Bleeding Edge Builds

For the latest builds (including bleeding edge, buggy testing builds), head on over to the Continuous Integration Server. Note that these builds are both extremely unstable, and as such if you submit a bug report make sure to include what version it is that you are using. Also note that none of the builds available at the continuous integration server have been approved by BukkitDev staff.

To see the latest builds in action, feel free to join Note that this server is running Spigot for Minecraft 1.8, and that the AntiCheat+ configurations are slightly different so as to make testing easier on me.



AntiCheat+ uses the Updater system to ensure that your plugin is always up-to-date with the latest protection. Updater is compliant with the update-checking guidelines imposed on all BukkitDev plugins which ensure all updates to your server are approved by BukkitDev Staff prior to being downloaded.

If you wish to disable auto-updating, you may set the "auto-update" toggle in the config.yml to false.

Bug Reporting & Questions

Click here to visit the official AntiCheat+ bugtracker and file a bug report. Make sure to include a detailed description of the error, as well as any possible relevant data from the console and the logs.

Spigot Support

This plugin has been tested on the latest version of Spigot for Minecraft 1.8; I will continue to test it on this platform.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Relentless Survival ( for providing a stable testing environment to work with.


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