You do not need to setup permissions for AntiCheat+ to work, simply running it will protect your server by default. However, if you wish to allow players to get around certain checks or have access to the system, read this page.

Note: Ops will not be protected from the checks unless you turn system -> exempt-op to TRUE in the config.yml file.

System Permissions

Instructions: System permissions allow someone to control AntiCheat+'s functions, but doesn't exempt them from checks. Choose to either use the easy permissions or the in-depth permissions. You don't need both, but if you want to fine-tune who has what permissions go with in-depth.

Easy permissions:

anticheat.admin (all commands, see broadcasts, receive alerts, check xray stats, view reports, spy on players, change logging, reload system, reset players, check update status, calibrate system, generate debug reports)

anticheat.mod (see broadcasts, receive alerts, check xray stats, view reports, spy on players, see help)

In-depth permissions:

anticheat.system.notice: See broadcasts when a player is kicked or banned for hacking

anticheat.system.alert: See alerts when a player might be cheating

anticheat.system.alertall: See alerts when a player fails any check; not just when they fail too many Access the help message Access cheat reports

anticheat.system.spy: Access the spy system

anticheat.system.xray: Access info about xray usage

anticheat.system.log: Access turning console logging on or off

anticheat.system.reload: Access reloading the system

anticheat.system.reset: Access resetting a player's cheat level

anticheat.system.update: Access information about whether the system is updated

anticheat.system.calibrate: Access the calibration system

anticheat.system.debug: Access debug reports

Check Permissions

Instructions: Give a player any of these permissions and they will automatically bypass the corresponding check. If you want to allow a player to bypass all the checks, give them anticheat.check.exempt. Allow players to use zombe flymod

anticheat.check.zombe.noclip: Allow players to use zombe noclip hack

anticheat.check.zombe.cheat: Allow players to use zombe cheat hack Allow players to fly

anticheat.check.waterwalk: Allow players to walk on water

anticheat.check.noswing: Allow players to not ever swing their arm

anticheat.check.fastbreak: Allow players to quickly break blocks

anticheat.check.fastplace: Allow players to use build hacks and fastplace

anticheat.check.spam: Allow players to spam the server

anticheat.check.sprint: Allow players to sprint when hungry

anticheat.check.sneak: Allow players to use auto-sneak

anticheat.check.speed: Allow players to speed

anticheat.check.spider: Allow players to climb non-climbable surfaces

anticheat.check.nofall: Allow players to avoid fall damage

anticheat.check.fastbow: Allow players to quickly fire bows

anticheat.check.fasteat: Allow players to eat food instantly

anticheat.check.fastheal: Allow players to heal up instantly

anticheat.check.forcefield: Allow players to use a forcefield

anticheat.check.xray: Allow players to bypass xray stats

anticheat.check.longreach: Allow players to use longreaching hacks

anticheat.check.projectile: Allow players to quickly launch projectiles

anticheat.check.itemspam: Allow players to use inventory drop spam hacks

anticheat.check.visual: Allow players to interact with objects out of their view

anticheat.check.vclip: Allow players to become slimeballs and clip down through blocks

anticheat.check.fastinventory: Allow players to use fastloot and similar inventory hacks

anticheat.check.autotool: Allow players to use autotool to switch tools quickly

anticheat.check.fastanimation: Allow players to attack or interact very quickly

anticheat.check.exempt: Allow a player to bypass any check


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