AntiCheat v1.2


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    Jun 2, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R3.0


AntiCheat v1.2 is a bugfix and new feature build.

  • This build does not require immediate action, but might be preferred sooner rather than later among mcMMO users, as it contains a compatability fix with this plugin.
  • AntiCheat v1.2 is 10.8 kB larger than the previous version (1.1) with a total size of 72.0 kB.
  • AntiCheat v1.2's changes span across dev builds #104-#142.



  • Fixed Sneaking while flying causing issues
  • Fixed Y-axis flying
  • Fixed false-positive with running & jumping into water
  • Fixed users being able to jump on water as if it was solid while using cheats
  • Fixed packet-based fastbreak system
  • Fixed usage of stale player references that could potentially cause issues
  • Fixed false-positive when players run and then abrubtly sneak
  • Fixed false-positive when using dig-speed enchantment
  • Fixed false-positive that was a result of not listning to other plugins that modified instant break data, these plugins are now compatible
  • Fixed false-positive when players would teleport as a result of a plugin (/home,/spawn) or by ender pearl
  • Fixed false-positive when using speed potions
  • Fixed mcMMO compatability (instant break and tree feller abilities) (Note that an UP-TO-DATE version of mcMMO is required for this fix. At the time of this build, mcMMO-1.3.08 and higher is recommended.)


  • Individual player reports & tracking
  • Warnings now stored in log files with optional logging levels
  • Added anticheat.exempt permission to exempt a player from all checks
  • Added longreach check to interacting with objects


  • Builds on the newest Craftbukkit/Bukkit Recommended Build (1.2.5-R3.0)
  • Flying test now works without testing if the player is in flymode, so even flying players cant speedhack
  • Improved fastplace-fastbreak check that also works in creative mode
  • Better usage of the proper Java rules and standards in our code
  • Much better logging options