AntiCheat v1.1


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    May 21, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R2.0


AntiCheat v1.1 is mostly a bugfix build, however some minor additions were made.

  • This build requires attention for server admins who are running version 1.0 (or dev #85 or below) on Linux, as this build will not be properly updated on those servers due to a bug in the update system. Please download and install this build manually instead.
  • AntiCheat v1.1 is 11.2 kB larger than the previous version (1.0).
  • AntiCheat v1.1's changes span across dev builds #82-#103.



  • Modified moving data (like from Stargate) now avoids the fastmove check.
  • Shears & leaves are now properly detected as instant break
  • Flying players are not subjected to NoFall checks & sneak checks on their descent.
  • Config files regenerate properly (if deleted) on /anticheat reload
  • Block place / Block break minimum times have been lowered for laggier servers.
  • Servers running on Linux now update and find files properly (NEEDS ADMIN ATTENTION ON LINUX)
  • Player's levels are decreased slower than they are increased
  • NoSwing is now properly detected during PvP/PvE
  • Decreased the false-positive speedhack detection while running
  • Players who reach HIGH level are reset to medium after their event is executed, that way they can't go above High and not get warned anymore.
  • Fastbreak, Fastplace, and Fly checks improved greatly by SuperSpyTX


  • Added anticheat.alert permission node for recieving alerts
  • Alerts are now also sent to the console
  • Players are searched automatically for anomolies in xray stats, which will be reported
  • Custom metrics data has been added
  • Individual permissions have been added, as well as more broad permissions for mod/admin groups (see permissions page)
  • Level data persists across reloads/restarts


  • Builds on the newest Craftbukkit/Bukkit Recommended Build (1.2.5-R2.0)
  • Refactored the project to get rid of runtime erorrs and fix a few other bugs (thanks SuperSpyTX)