Configuration in AntiBot is pretty simple. This allows you to alter how AntiBot works for your server.//


The configuration has received a overhaul, this is the new changes.

    Prefix: '§f[§bAntiBot§f] ' # This is the prefix you find ingame.
    Notifications: true # To enable notifications ingame.
    EnableByDefault: true # Keep this on if you want AntiBot to be enabled.
    StringDiffMin: 3 # How many characters or less determines a message to be "the same".
    Amount: 4 # The amount of messages in seconds.
    Enabled: true # Whether it's enabled, Make sure you disable chat flow as well!
    Time: 1500 # The time, in milliseconds!
    UseOp: false # Enable OP permissions.
    UseBukkitWhiteList: false # Use Bukkit Whitelist for connection throttle bypass permissions.
    Enabled: true # Whether AntiBot's bot protection is enabled or not.
    Seconds: 5000 # How many players in x seconds until AntiBot kicks in.
    ConnectionTime: 30000 # How long a player has to be connected for in order to not be affected by AntiBot.
    Accounts: 4 # How many x players in seconds until AntiBot kicks in.
    Countries: [] # ORDERED LIST of Country Codes! EX:
    # - CH
    # - US
    Enabled: true # Enables CountryBans, won't really be enabled if there's no countries.
    WhitelistMode: false # This will mean only countries listed will be able to join.
      InstallDate: 1342215570196
      CheckUpdates: true
      DebugMode: false
    Time: 60 # How long delayed start should run for (SECONDS! NOT MILLISECONDS!)
    Enabled: true # Whether it's enabled.
      ChatOverflow: true # If chat overflows, will everybody be required to type captcha?
      ChatSpam: true # If a player tries to spam chat, will require CAPTCHA to be entered.
      BotSpam: true # Whenever the connection throttler trips.
    Enabled: true # CAPTCHA enabled?
    Enabled: true # Chat Flow (Explanation on front page). Disable this if you are disabling anti spam!
    Time: 5000 # Explained on front page.
    Amount: 5 # Explained on front page.
    HoldTime: 10000 # How long should a player be temporarily banned for? (milliseconds)
    Delay: 10000 # If a player re-joins the server in less than this amount of milliseconds, they will be banned.
    Enabled: true # Login Delay.  Explained on front page


This is language.yml. This is open to re-interpretation for your server. It is incomplete and should be complete soon.

      Kick: '[AntiBot] CAPTCHA Failed!' # The kick message after 3 failed attempts.
      OneAttemptLeft: one attempt left # This is displayed in part of the CAPTCHA message if there's only one attempt left.
      AttemptsLeft: attempts left # This is displayed in part of the CAPTCHA message if there's more than one attempt left.
    Kick: '[AntiBot] Tripwired protection!' # The default kick message in AntiBot.
    ChatOverflow: SILENCE! Let's cool it down for %sec% seconds. # Global message displayed whenever Chat Flow overflows.
    CountryBan: Your country is banned from this server! # Default Country Bans kick message.
    LoginDelay: You logged in too quickly! Please wait 10 second(s). # Default Login Delay kick message.