This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I'm sorry guys, right now my life is too occupied to be updating AntiBot right now and/or fixing things. The only thing slowing me down is a working 1.5.2 bot and other things, I don't have the time to create a bot for 1.5.2. This plugin operates fine on 1.5.2 because it only utilizes the Bukkit API.

The ultimate anti chat-spam protection plugin for Minecraft. It trolls users who use login spam tools like PWN4G3 and Paradigm.

AntiBot 4.0.4 has been released! Fixing some old bugs and a new option to disable AntiBot's bot protection a-lot easier!



AntiBot v4.0.4 - Download

Bukkit Thread:


This plugin uses variety of special techniques to block spam bots from joining your Minecraft Server. It blocks spammers by checking how many players join per second (EX: 12 players join in 5 seconds). If that statement is true, it will take action against those users (kick/send captcha).

It has Chat Spam protection. After a certain amount of chat messages are sent in less than x seconds, they're kicked from the server. This includes commands, and chat messages as well.

It also has other options, such as CAPTCHA, Chat Flow, Login Delay, Country Bans, and delayed start!

Chat Flow solves one of the most possible scenarios out there, when the bots bypass anti-chat spam protection! The name of this feature is practical to keeping your server chat from chat spam. Read the following scenario to get a better understanding of how it works.

Scenario - Before Chat Flow

This guy's Bob. He runs a popular PvP server. He loves the incoming traffic towards his server. But then, some angry guy finds your server and is angry for no apparent reason. So he opens his tools and begins sending 20 players or "bots" to your server, the bots then bypass your spam protection by sending 1 message every 2 seconds. The chat spam protection isn't doing anything and your server chat ends up getting spammed like crazy.

Scenario - With Chat Flow

Bob installed AntiBot and adjusted AntiBot's Chat Flow. The angry guy came around and once again, loaded his "bots" into the game and began running the same technique. But fortunately, AntiBot's chat flow kicked in and muted the entire server chat for 5 seconds (auto increments by 5 seconds each time chat flow detects spam). If Bob assigned antibot.voice to his staff, they would be able to talk regardless if the chat is muted or not. Bob then manually bans the bots and the day has been saved!

I had no better way of explaining chat flow besides this scenario.

CAPTCHA enforces users to solve a puzzle if they spam. It can also trigger a puzzle for everybody if Chat Flow detects spam, trigger puzzles for players that trigger the connection throttler, trigger puzzles for players detected by multiple account system, and trigger puzzles on every join.

Country Bans allows you to ban (or whitelist) countries into your server. This is perfect if you wish to make your country based minecraft server to only allow your country.

Delayed Start solves another problem, what if you restart the server with a bunch of players on, and basically when they all rejoin, AntiBot then detects bot spam and starts kicks everybody for no reason. This prevents that happening by disabling AntiBot for 60 seconds and re-enabling afterwards.

Login Delay allows you to resolve connection/disconnection flooding from the same player. Whenever a player rejoins the server in less than 10 seconds (configurable), they will be "temporarily banned" from rejoining until 10 seconds (configurable & a separate value in the config, they're not hand in hand) is up.

The best part? This plugin is configurable to your own hands. If my default settings don't work for your server, change them!

WARNING: Expect false positives if you install the plugin if your server gets over 20 connections a minute or is really populated.


Because BukkitDev requires approval. I've made a wget friendly URL you can use:

NEW NEW: You can now download development builds from H31IX's CI (Thank you so much).


Want to become a wizard and mess with sourcery?. Then go ahead and click me to go to the GitHub.

You can also find the plugin download in the GitHub as well.


You can find the Commands & Permissions here.

You can find the Configuration explanation here as well.

NOTICE: You don't have to edit your configuration. You should if you want optimal performance, though.


This plugin was not created after AntiPwnage or NoPwnage, this project started a year ago and was a private plugin for my Minecraft Server (

What I do/Requests

The first thing that came to mind when I was writing this plugin for release, I noticed that people will find that the commands portion of the plugin may not suffice their needs of a basic Anti Pwnage plugin. If this is the case, feel free to request it in a ticket or post a comment about it on here (However, I may miss it. So tickets is your best option.). I will reply to your request ASAP and see if it's a possibility or not. It will most likely be possible to add your idea to the plugin, so request it if you can!


I'm no longer going to give support for those who decide to use an outdated AntiBot build.

If you wish to receive proper help from me, I'd like for you to answer these questions in your response.

  • What version and build (Original or modded) of CraftBukkit? What version of AntiBot are you using? Is it the latest? If not, then you are ineligible for support.
  • What exactly happened ("Bots joined still after i installed.." is not what happened. Please give the exact time & the exact event that took place).
  • What permissions plugin + version are you using? Did you assign any AntiBot permission nodes? To whom? What was the exact node? Where was it placed in your config (group wise). Did you test the permission with a permissions tester? (AntiBot will have one of these in the upcoming future).
  • What was the status of AntiBot? (If you did your permissions correctly, you can type /antibot and it should tell you (By "System Status:") whether AntiBot is enabled or not).


  • OPT Server logs of AntiBot in action.
  • OPT (Completely Optional, but will speed the process of your help by thousands) Screenshots/Videos of the event that took place.

If you don't provide the information that isn't optional, you won't be replied to and may have your comment deleted.


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