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BGM in the east?
AntiAttack - Universal back pressure test
Defensive MOTD/PING/ dummy / cluster /TAB/ penetration / isobaric measurement
This plugin is ready, cloud automatic updates, real once and for all!
BC's cloud system is on the line, too! Now download and use it!
Plug-in advantage:
• defend any other Motd/PING/ pressure measurement - pressure measuring, 3.X, pressure measuring, MOTD, packet
• defend any dummy / cluster compression test - compression test, 1.X pressure test, 2.5 pressure test, 2.99 cluster press test
• strong compatibility, Java7/8, Bukkit1.6, support for various environments, no need to replace Java version.
The new version of the plugin has a very low false positive rate, so there is no need to worry about the high false positives and the players have an opinion.
The plug-in instructions are clear and detailed, hard to explain, soft and comprehensive, and refuse to take temporary measures.
Plugins ready, automatic updates, do not have to download in person, there are loopholes plugin will automatically update, repair.
All aspects of the configuration, you can deal with a variety of complex, harsh environment, custom tips, information, etc..
• universal defense, one defense, all permanent, no longer need to install a pile of plug-ins to add cumbersome.
There will be no attack, ordinary players are crazy interception phenomenon, better than the same plug-in.
Plugin performance tuning does not occur when large-scale compression testing still leads to Caton or false alarm rate problems.
Plugin false positive rate?
It must be said that the old version of AntiAttack had a high rate of false positives so that it would interfere with normal play.
However, since the plug-in has been updated to the new version, the rate of false positives has been greatly reduced.
Current player testing results in 02-29 plugin:
Default configuration:
False positive rate: 0.01% (when not measured)
Interception rate: 95.4% (under cluster pressure measurement)
Rate: 0.02% (when normal, player interception rate)
Open half of the defense module:
False positive rate: 0.11% (when not measured)
Interception rate: 99.5% (cluster time compression test)
Rate: 0.36% (when normal, player interception rate)
Open all defense modules:
False positive rate: 1.10% (when not measured)
Interception rate: 100% (cluster pressure measurement time, four, five)
Rate: 1.97% (when normal, player interception rate)
The above data are all using machine statistics, absolutely no error, and put it into my survival server as above,
Test server players have normal games, the use of pressure testing software can break similar plug-in I have written variant edition.
Note: I use the float data type statistics, the number of back four five, so it may appear 100%, 0% and so on.
Traffic party attention, below high energy, please immediately drop your mobile phone. {: 688:}
How to install:
Put AntiAttack3 in the plugins folder under the server root directory,
Restart the server or use the plug-in management plug-in to load AntiAttack. The built-in recommended detection threshold parameter.
If you feel that you are not required or adjust the number of servers, you must manually modify the threshold in the config.yml.
If you find that the plugin does not work properly, for example, if all players are blocked, do the following:
1. check if the plug-in ProtocolLib is working properly.
2., if there are still more questions, please contact QQ1207223090, and I will be the first to solve Bug and false positives or not operational, and so on!
If you find a suspected Bug, be sure to report it, I will work as soon as possible, and will not delay time.
{: 710:} thank you very much!
Command and configuration
Note: running AAT in different versions will have different instructions and permissions. Please specify the content.
Here, the BT version is primarily a demo version.
/aat help plug-in help (note, do not support direct input /aat)
/aat Pro opens full service blocking, prevents player access, closes MOTD recovery, etc.
/aat Unpro releases full service blockade (allows service and returns to normal)
/aat reload overloaded plug-in configuration (Note: configured only)
/aat addWhiteList < player name > puts the player in the whitelist and takes effect on the alert mode.
/aat removeWhiteList < player name > > remove player from white list
/aat protectmode manual on alert mode
AntiAttack.admin allows the use of administrator rights directives
To configure:
Version: 8848 # do not modify
MultiBot: # alert mode belongs to the last line of defense, only other module failure will trigger it!
JoinInterval: 3 # 7 seconds when the number of game player login over <3>, open the alert mode.
StartTime: 14 # just open service regardless of how many people entered the <14> seconds will not trigger alert mode.
WhiteCheck: # white list: a white list game player will be directly through alert mode, not other modules.
Enable: true # is on the white list, a white list will ignore the alert mode of game player limit, not other defense module.
Auto: true # is automatically added white list, when a game player in the game after the success, and not suspected of pressure measurement, will write the white list of game player.
Open the KickMessage: alert mode, server cluster pressure measurement was # when the game player is prompted to stop mode when the alert information is what
RepairInterval: 1 # global correction value, the value is high, when the pressure is measured after the defense module closed earlier, but too high will lead to the plug-in does not trigger.
Set the AntiAttack: # global.
KickMessage: I wonder if you pressure test server, please wait 10 seconds, when the game player is # login again except for IP state detection and alert mode module


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