AntiAdv is a anti advertise plugin with alot of features

WARNING make sure you give the players "" if you have essentials or it wont work!

for what does it check?

  1. chat (1.0 and up)
  2. signs (2.0 and up)
  3. msg ect (2.0 and up)

what makes this plugin better then the most antiadv plugins?

  1. the way you can look all the messages up
  2. the replace option
  3. the command you can run when someone does try to advertise
  4. the amount of things you can edit in the config :D
  5. the message it sends to the staff when someone does advertise


  • /antiadv - main antiadv command - permission: no permission needed :p
  • /antiadv page <1-8> - with this you can look all the "advertising" messages up - permission:
  • /antiadv clear - clears all the messages that where saved - permission: antiadv.clear
  • /antiadv autosave - turns the autosave from the config off and on (default is on) - permission: antiadv.autosave
  • /antiadv save - force save the config file - permission:
  • /antiadv info - shows some info about the plugin - permission: no permission needed :p
  • /antiadv reload - reload the config from antiadv /RELOAD DOESNT RELOAD THE CONFIG! - permission: antiadv.reload
  • this gives a warning to the staff when someone trys to advertise this is usefull when you have the replace option enable THIS IS NOT DEFAULT WITH OP! - permission antiadv.warning
  • when a players has this permission antiadv wont do anything when they say a ip - permission: antiadv.ignore

How to install AntiAdv

  1. download the plugin and import it into your server.
  2. add the permission "" to all your players
  3. reload or restart your server
  4. have fun :)
  5. (after some time) type /antiadv page 1 and ban all the advertisers :)


click this if you need help with your config!

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