AntiAddict Revisited

AntiAddict Revisited - Limit some players' playtime on your server

Version: v2.1


If you are an admin who really cares about the players of your server, there might come a day when you recognise that some of them got addicted to the game and really play to much on your server. AntiAddict is a plugin which allows you to limit the time specified players can play on your server. This timelimit will be reset the next day, which then would allow them to play again. (so normally it's daily).

The first developer of this plugin was Phiwa, who wrote most of the code. He read a plugin request by wuppieigor and recognised that there are some server admins who really care about the players on their server and do not only watch the number of slots they manage to fill. (Follow me on Twitter for updates!)

Quote from Phiwa:

Of course you cannot control what the players do on other servers or in single-player, but it is a step into the right direction. In my opinion it is great that those admins care about their members and therefore wrote this plugin to help them with it.

After a long time and finally releasing AntiAddict, a lot of server admins became familiar with it and started to love it. Unfortunately, Phiwa had a busy time and couldn't update his plugin anymore. All were sad. I decided to step in. Staartvin. I'm the new main developer of AntiAddict and I will do my best to make this plugin even better than it was!


  • Ability to set which players are 'addicted'
  • Highy customisable messages with more than 14 translations.
  • Ability to check how much time you have left untill you're kicked
  • Easily see which players are 'addicted'
  • Permissions used for commands
  • Ability to limit all players on the server with one simple toggle
  • Support MultiWorld. Configure which worlds you want to use!
  • Ability to turn off MultiWorld and just use all worlds, as default.
  • Admins will be noticed when there is a new version available.
  • Addicted players will get noticed when they're getting kicked soon.
  • Translations for 14 countries.
  • Ability to see info about an addict, such as: total playtime, language, time left, reputation and more!
  • Group support. Make multiple groups that have different time limits


What is shown to addicted player:

What is shown in console when addicted player logs in:

What is shown when addicted player gets kicked:

What is shown in console when addicted player gets kicked:


  • /antiaddict <on/off> (De)activates AntiAddict.
  • /antiaddict status Shows the current status for AntiAddict (on/off).
  • /antiaddict left Shows the time the player has got to play.
  • /antiaddict about Shows useful information about AntiAddict.
  • /timeleft This command is deprecated and therefore not used anymore.
  • /antiaddict config reload Reload AntiAddict's configs.
  • /antiaddict language set <language code> (player) Sets the language for a specified player if specified, else it will set the language for player who used command.
  • /antiaddict language list Shows the available languages and their language code.
  • /antiaddict info <player> Shows information about the player, such as language, reputation , time left and total playtime.
  • /antiaddict help Shows all commands.
  • /aa <command> This is an alias to /antiaddict. You could use this as '/aa config reload' for example.


  • antiaddict.admin - Allows the player to control AntiAddict.
  • antiaddict.ignorelimits - Gives the player the ability to ignore the timelimits for addicts if LimitAll is set to true in the config.
  • antiaddict.lefttime - Gives the player the ability to check how much time he/she has left before getting kicked.
  • antiaddict.* - Gives the player total control.
  • antiaddict.versionnotice - Players with this permission will be noticed when the plugin is outdated.
  • antiaddict.language.list - Gives the player the ability to get a list of available languages and their language code.
  • antiaddict.language.set - Gives the player the ability to change their language.
  • antiaddict.language.setother - Gives the player the abilty to change the language of others.
  • antiaddict.infoplayer - Gives the player the ability to get info about other players.

Supported Languages:

  • - English
  • - Dutch
  • - German (Thanks to Phiwa)
  • - Polish (Thanks to Phiwa)
  • - Italian (Thanks to samu301295)
  • - Brazilian Portuguese (Thanks to TheLunarFrog)
  • - Spanish (Thanks to TheLunarFrog)
  • - French (Thanks to MrLongBacon)
  • - Danish


If there is anything you would like me to add, simply ask for it.

Known Bugs:

Totally bugfree!


I'm a poor student and I'm developing this plugin in my free-time, if you like my plugin and want to help me, please donate. Donating is the best way to help me out, it goes towards more bug-fixing. Thanks!


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