1.8 for CB 1.7.8


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    Apr 12, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4


1.8 for CB 1.7.8+

  • Updated to uuid-based player data storage: old player data gets automatically imported (and moved into a different folder) when a player joins the server and has no player data of the new format yet.
  • Slightly modified a default message ("his limit" -> "the limit").

I suggest you to backup your old playerfiles, just in case something goes wrong during conversion.

Old player data gets imported "on-the-fly": there is currently no way built-in to convert all old playerdata in one run, because getting the player's uuid when the player is online is currently the safest way to have correct uuids for all players, without having to differ between offline and online mode servers.

The playername based commands will print "No data found for player X" as long as the player didn't yet join the server and triggered an import of his old data.

The playername based commands use a method of bukkit which was introduced in the craftbukkit 1.7.8 dev build. So older versions of bukkit probably won't work with this that well and I can't garentee that this method won't break with newer versions of bukkit/minecraft.