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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


1.2 Updates!

MySQL is now supported. If you prefer, you can use a database instead of the file system to store your data by specifying some database information in the config file. For very large servers (lots of players online at once), this may improve performance by eliminating direct file access. Please don't use it unless you're having a performance problem OR you or someone on your administrative team is familiar with common database operations, otherwise you will just be making your life more difficult unnecessarily. :)

I will update the documentation later. For now, this may help. A database URL looks like this:


The last bit is the database name. You have to be sure the database is created before switching AntiXRay to database mode. It will do the rest (like creating the necessary tables). At the mySQL command prompt, you'd create a database with something like "create database databasename".

Please, if you have a problem with your database itself, do not come to me for help. I won't teach anyone how to install mySQL, install the JDBC driver, or learn the SQL commands for viewing/editing data, backing up data, or migrating data to another server. You can find all this information elsewhere on the internet. :) I may provide some relevant links in the documentation later.