Anti World Fly


Most similar plugins just block the /fly command InGame and can easily be tricked. With Anti World Fly, no more hassle, prevent users from flying in a world or typing specific commands no matter how hard they try! Documentation Feature requests, support and issues Plugin translations Source code HelloMinecraft, plugin's official server

Main Features

  • Specify the blocked worlds in which the plugin operates (will NOT affect other worlds)
  • Disable /fly, /efly and /essentials:fly commands in blocked worlds
  • Disable any additional commands you specify in the config
  • Disable flying when entering blocked worlds
  • Disable flying when connecting to blocked worlds
  • Disable flying in blocked Creative worlds
  • Disable flying when changing to Creative mode in blocked worlds (optional)
  • Re-enable flying when switching back to a world where a player is allowed to fly (optional)
  • Display screen titles when entering a blocked world (optional)
  • Display chat message when entering a blocked world (optional)
  • Easy to use commands, user-friendly interface
  • Language file to modify all displayed texts; 3 available translations
  • In game or console commands
  • Very lightweight and efficient plugin, no dependencies
  • Compatible with any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.14.1
  • Open-source, frequent updates


Support the project by starring it on GitHub or contributing code!

Feel free to fork the project and share your code through pull requests! You can also star the project, seeing people taking interest in the code is really motivating! Don't wait any longer and visit the plugin's GitHub!


Main help command (/awf):


Add world and list command:

/awf list

Flying disabled in a world (with optional screen titles and chat message):

Flying blocked on world join.


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