Anti World Fly


Most similar plugins just block the /fly command in game and can easily be tricked. With Anti World Fly, no more hassle, prevent users from flying in a world or typing specific commands no matter how hard they try!

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Main Features

  • Specify the blocked worlds in which the plugin operates (will NOT affect other worlds)
  • Disable /fly, /efly and /essentials:fly commands in blocked worlds
  • Disable any additional commands you specify in the config
  • Disable flying when entering blocked worlds
  • Disable flying when connecting to blocked worlds
  • Disable flying in blocked Creative worlds
  • Disable flying when changing to Creative mode in blocked worlds (optional)
  • Re-enable flying when switching back to a world where a player is allowed to fly (optional)
  • Display screen titles when entering a blocked world (optional)
  • Display chat message when entering a blocked world (optional)
  • Easy to use commands, user-friendly interface
  • Language file to modify all displayed texts; 5 available translations
  • In game or console commands
  • Very lightweight and efficient plugin, no dependencies
  • Compatible with any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.17
  • Open-source


You can get support by opening an issue on the project's GitHub page here. I rarely check the comments here, so GitHub is the best place to get support!



Main help command (/awf):



Flying disabled in a world (with optional screen titles and chat message):

Flying blocked on world join.


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