This plugin is made to prevent teams of players ganging up on players who are striving on their own. The plugin was made for a plugin request which you can find here.


None yet.


None yet.

Example Config

# This is the time you want them to be able to see players again and fights others if they haven't fought the other player in a while.
Time: 7


Mainly this plugin is just basically for the server owners who want to prevent players from teaming with each other.

How it works?

It is a quite simple plugin. The code almost does all the work. When you get into a fight with a player it turns you two into an all out brawl. Noone can see you and you can only see each other. It will be a full 1 on 1 match. If you guys however stop fighting for however much time is defined in the config, then you will be able to see players again, and thus them being able to see you two again also. This is great for servers who want to prevent teaming on their server.


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