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This plugin completely stops swearing of any kind on your server by configuring the plugins correctly.This plugin is highly configurable and almost always can give you exactly what you want!

Not only that but in AntiSwear, when a mischief player swears, he/she is punished by loosing 2 hearts and comes with some sound effects!.


Configurable words No limit in listing banned words Lets take a look at config.yml

List: <words that you wanted to be banned> - (badword1) - (badword2)


  • configurable words
  • ban any words that you want
  • no limit in listing banned words

Lets take a look at config.yml

warnList: <words that you wanted to be banned, it will damage the player and warn them> - example1 - example2

so if you wanted to chat example1 and example2 it will decline because those words are banned so what are you waiting for ? take a look at this plugin ..

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For Sample Warning Check this : Sample

== Permission Nodes : == ( Available For 1.7.9-R0.2 Version of AntiSwearing )

  • AntiSwearing.bypass = you can't be kicked if you have this
  • AntiSwearing.ignore = you can't be warned if you have this
  • AntiSwearing.* = All of permissions are included here


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