AntiSwear V2.5 [CB1.3.2 R1]

Now implemented hear but multy language will stay hear

This is my first chat plugin and what i have allowed for it to do is when someone swears in global chat/ local chat/ help ect, the plugin blocks the message from being sent and then prompts the player with a message saying swearing is not allowed on the server.....this plugin will be updated soon, There is now a config file to allows you to add words you want to block, for any language listed in the config, just make shure the config file is set out like so;

  • English:
  • - word1
  • - word2
  • - word3
  • - word4
  • - word5
  • - word6
  • French:
  • - word1
  • - word2
  • - word3
  • - word4
  • - word5
  • - word6



  • /AntiSwear On ........AntiSwearOn allows for you to turn on the plugin functionality for you as a specific player
  • /AntiSwear Off ........AntiSwearOn turns off the plugin functionality for you as a specific player
  • /AntiSwear help ........Shows AntiSwear commands


antiswear.commands - allows players to access all antiswear commands

Supported Languages To Block

  • English
  • German
  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Fixed Bugs

  1. Didn't add players to the Anti-swear on Log-file from when they logged in
  2. Diffident import default text into the config file

To add

  • More Languages - Added
  • Permissions - Added
  • Config file - Added
  • banning/kick system - Added
  • options in config file - Added


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