AntiPvP is a plugin that allows you to toggle PvP by typing a command. It's very useful for big servers if you want to do maintenance without having to kick all the players or enable the whitelist.


  • /pvp - Type to enable or disable PvP.


  • AntiPvP.pvp - Allows you to enable or disable PvP.
  • AntiPvP.commandbypass - Allows you to use the blocked commands while PvP is disabled.


This is a list of splash potions that you cannot use while PvP is disabled:

  • All Splash Potions of Poison
  • All Splash Potions of Weakness
  • All Splash Potions of Slowness
  • All Splash Potions of Harming


The configuration file is very basic and easy to configure. There are two configuration options:

If ForceEnable is true, every time the server is restarted or started, PvP will be enabled. If ForceEnable is false, every time the server is restarted or started, PvP will be disabled.

  • ForceEnable: true

DisabledCommands is a list of commands that will be disabled when PvP is disabled. These can still be used by players that have the AntiPvP.commandbypass permission.

  • DisabledCommands:
  • - /example
  • - /example2

Bugs and Issues

If you find any bugs or issues with this plugin please do not hesitate to post a comment. Please leave as much information as possible about the bug or issue. Thank you for your help. :D


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