Anti Enderman

Donate if you appreciate the work as it costs a lot of time and effort to create this plugin. If not then I hope you let other people know about my work.


Control the enderman! With this plugin you can prevent enderman from spawning or/and you can prevent them from picking up and placing blocks. All of these three functions can be configured in the plugins config.yml.

I created this plugin for my own server, but I wanted others to be able to use it. So i hope you like it!


  • You can block enderman spawning.
  • You can block enderman picking up/breaking blocks.
  • You can block enderman placing blocks.
  • You can block enderman teleports

Planned update(s)

  • Block endermen from teleporting.
  • Making the plugin Vault independent if or where possible
    • This is currently being worked on... A very simple version will be out soon.

How to install

Just paste the AntiEnderman.jar to your plugins folder. Also make sure to download Vault as it depends on it for permissions. Then, reload/restart your server, go to '/plugins/AntiEnderman' and edit the config to your likings!

Default config

    spawn: true
    place: true
    break: true
    teleport: true
    blockIDs: '1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0'
      spawn: false
      place: false
      break: false
      teleport: false

The config looks whether it has to block the enderman action. So true says it does block spawning, placing and/or breaking and false doesn't.


[] - Optional, <> - Required

  • /ae [help] - Shows you the help of the plugin
  • /ae spawn [world] <true|false> - Set spawning for endermen to true ot false
  • /ae place [world] <true|false> - Set placing blocks for endermen to true ot false
  • /ae break [world] <true|false> - Set breaking blocks for endermen to true ot false
  • /ae teleport|tele|tp [world] <true|false> - Set teleporting for endermen to true ot false
  • /ae worlds - Show all world on the server
  • /ae clear - Clears all enderman from world.


  • - Permission for using /ae [help]
  • ae.spawn - Permission for using /ae spawn
  • - Permission for using /ae place
  • ae.break - Permission for using /ae break
  • ae.teleport - Permission for using /ae teleport
  • ae.worlds - Permission for using /ae worlds
  • ae.clear - Permission for using /ae clear
  • ae.admin - Adds all of the above (at the moment the same as ae.*)


Click here for the changelog


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