I decided to get off my bum and re-code AntiLogger completely. This time it is a lot more efficient and so far no dupes/glitches!

AntiPvPLogger is one of the most advanced CombatLogging plugin. It will solve all your problems. (Relating to combat logging). When a player logs out (By default) A.P.L. will spawn a clone NPC of that player for 15 seconds. If there are players nearby. Other players can then kill the NPC and get the loot. When the player logs back in his inventory will be cleared and he will be sent to spawn.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this project. Whether it is if Bug reporting, suggestions, or beta testing. Thanks.

Here are some features:

  • When a player logs out it will spawn a NPC clone of your player for 15 seconds. Only if there are enemies nearby.
  • Config to edit options relating to the NPC spawn style.
  • When you kill an NPC it drops the players items, and when the player logs back in their inventory will be cleared and they will die.
  • Config option to make the NPC fight back.
  • Configurable distance for detecting nearby players
  • Does not spawn the NPC if they player is in Creative.


  1. Added configurable distance for detecting players.
  2. Added a bypass permission node: "antilogger.bypass"
  3. Removed fighting back option.
  4. Fixed inventories disapearing glitch.



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