Annoying API

Annoying API

General purpose API for my plugins. Just contains some utility classes and methods. Okay... it contains a tad bit more than that...

It's technically a framework, but I didn't know the difference when I was naming it, so oh well!

Server Owners

All of my plugins use Annoying API, however, they all come pre-packaged with it. So, you don't need to install it separately.

This may be different for other plugins that aren't mine, though. Just check their plugin pages / dependency lists to see if you need to install Annoying API separately.

Download (read above)

  • Stable: You can download the latest stable version here
  • Snapshot You can download the latest snapshot version at GitHub Actions


You can find the wiki at which will contain important information about the API and the plugins that use it


You can find the Javadocs at The wiki above will also contain some helpful information


To install the API, please see the documentation on GitHub


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