Animal Tamer [Spigot]

This is a spigot port of my forge mod Animal Tamer. This plugin allows the player to tame Rabbits, Foxes, Ocelots, Pandas, Polar Bears, Dolphins, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Cows, Mooshrooms and Striders!



  -Tame Item: Wheat

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Places the Rabbit on your head (Be aware it will block your vision and interactions)



  -Tame Item: Chicken

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Drops Held Item



  -Tame Item: Chicken



  -Tame Item: Wheat

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Performs a Roll


Polar Bears:

  -Tame Item: Raw Cod

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Stands Up



  -Tame Item: Tropical Fish



  -Tame Item: Wheat

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Switches mode between stopped, wandering and following



  -Tame Item: Grass (Obtained with shears)


Cow / Mooshroom:

  -Tame Item: Grass (Obtained with shears)

  -Note: Shearing the Mooshroom will result in it becoming untamed



  -Tame Item: Wheat



  -Tame Item: Crimson Fungus

  -Shift Click Behaviour: Switches mode between stopped, wandering and following


Vanilla Tame (Wolf,Cat,Parrot) Notes:

  -Activating from sitting switches into wandering mode (Can be used to resync the mod with the vanilla handling if something causes your pet to change state without telling the mod)

  -Parrots only change state if they are on the ground

  -Turning their setting off in the config, reverts them to vanilla mechanics



  -Activate an animal with its taming item to tame it

  -Right Click to cycle through Sitting, Wandering and Following

  -Sneak Right Click to activate their custom behaviour if available

  -When breeding if either of the two animals are tamed, the baby will be tamed too


Config Settings:

    Vanilla Fox: Foxes can only be tamed via the vanilla method, eg only tamable through breeding

    Multiple Items: Causes there to be a chance to tame the animal as opposed to definitely working thus more closely mirroring vanilla behaviour

    Protection: Tamed animals can only be killed by the owner and by falling out the world / kill command, thus reducing griefing potential and also making sure your animals stay safe


Data is stored in the data.yml file located in the AnimalTamer folder, you will need to make sure this is cleared if you start a new world on the same server


This plugin uses NMS, this means that it may not nessecarily be compatible with minecraft versions other than the ones explicitly listed on the mod file, please use caution if you attempt to use it in other versions as it may well not work!


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