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A new Herochat5 Bridge for CraftIRC3. It relays messages from herochat channels to craftirc tags.

It's meant to be a drop-in replacement of uIRCBridge.


  • Relays basic chat.
  • "Display name", prefix and suffix support.
  • Add a .players command
  • Reloads itself properly when using /ircreload from craftirc.
  • Will get angry at users who do stupid things.
  • It actually works.

Installation and configuration

Drop the jar in your plugins dir and read the whole configuration page because it won't work without the craftirc side of the config.


The same extra fields as uIRCBridge are supported: %channelName% (such as "Global") and %channelNick% (such as "G"). Put them in the from-game entries.

uIRCBridge migration

If you were using uIRCBridge, just copy the config to the new location and replace the node that says "uIRCBridge" with "AnHeroBridge", and uninstall uIRCBridge. That's all. You might be interested in other features such as the player list.

Known Issues

  • "/me" sent from herochat won't have proper formatting, showing as plain-text messages
  • Interacts with herochat, which has a terrible API and is not even open source, and there aren't many good alternatives to support in-game channels with CraftIRC.


  • 0.7: Update for Herochat 5.7 breaking api change (Thanks AKP for fixing it).
    • No other changes. For older herochat (5.6.x / "legacy") use 0.5.
  • 0.5: Initial public release.

Source code

MIT licensed:

Oh god how did this get in here I am not good with computers.

Have you read the configuration page?

If you have, and still don't understand anything, here's a webchat link, or you can just join #craftirc on

Once you join, wait patiently for someone to help, we're not awake 24/7.


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