If you want to use the Economy Function, you have to use Vault, and a Economy Plugin.

Thats the Economic part of the config in 1.4:

#here you can disable/enable the economy function
    Enabled: true
#message if the player does not have enough money
    NotEnoughMoney: You do not have enough money
#message, if the action failed
    Failed: Action failed
#should the size of the bomb be added to the price? (on /ab create)
    SizeIsCreatePrize: true
#standard price for a bomb (on /ab create)
    CreatePrize: 50
#price multiplier (on /ab create)
    CreatePrizeMultiplier: 1
#should the size of the bomb be added to the price? (on /ab explode)
    SizeIsExplodePrize: true
#standard price for a bomb (on /ab explode)
    ExplodePrize: 50
#price multiplier (on /ab explode)
    ExplodePrizeMultiplier: 2

The price will be calculated like this:

Price on /ab create:

If SizeIsCreatePrize: true > price = (createPrize+bombSize)*createPrizeMultiplier else > price = createPrize*createPrizeMultiplier

Price on /ab explode:

If SizeIsExplodePrize: true > price = (explodePrize+bombSize)*explodePrizeMultiplier else > price = explodePrize*explodePrizeMultiplier


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