Spellmaker Bugs #108

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  • gr8engineer2b created this issue Apr 7, 2014

    1) String in if statement bug
      What steps will reproduce the problem:
        a. place if statement tile
        b. place an operation tile inside the if tile
        c. place a string tile inside the operation tile
    This will result in a bug where you are unable to place anymore tiles and you will know if the bug is in effect because when you place the tile inside it will almost go out of sight and the rest will be distorted within the if tile I have seen this with other tiles as well but this bug is fairly rare but, problematic.

    2) Variable bug
      What steps will reproduce the problem:
        a. Place a variable operation tile or a statement tile
          1. if using an if tile place the operation tile in
        b. Place the variable in the variable slot and any operation in the operation slot then place a number and type a number in
        c. when you save then load the spell it will no longer be a number in the slot where you placed a number, but a variable
    This happened when I was messing with variables. I believe that there is a plugin-side bug as well disallowing the use of variables for some reason for example I am unable to assign a variable a value.

    3) if statement disappearing
      What steps will reproduce the problem:
        a. Create a spell with an if statement
        b. Save then load it add something (anything not within the if statement) and then save again
        c. There will no longer be anything within the if statement
    Instead of the second time the spellmaker saving the data inside the if tile it erases it for some reason. This is a very big problem when I am editing spells repeatedly and instead of using the spellmaker, sometime I edit the file manually.

    What version of the product are you using?
      The latest version

    Do you have an error log of what happened?

    I am also wondering: How do you use variables? I am at a loss as to how I am supposed to assign variables a value and add subtract etc. it may just be because of the bug but if it were only because if the bug then I cloud add variables to each other, right? I tired this and I couldn't get the value to change at all. I want to change the value and make the spell do things accordingly so this is a very important feature to the plugin for me.

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  • _ForgeUser8747650 posted a comment Apr 7, 2014

    we check this

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