Advanced BungeeCord Usage

Advanced BungeeCord Usage

NB - This section is for advanced users only, it is not required to function and only recommended for dedicated servers or VPS servers.

Socket Comms Usage

BungeeCord's messaging system only provides one-way communication. So typing the command "/gate setto [id] [fromserver]", for example, will not provide a response back if there are no players on the other server. To provide seamless BungeeCord integration, you can enable Socket Comms.

To enable Socket Comms, type /gate setconf useSocketComms true.

It is recommended beforehand that you specify a port number to use:

/gate setconf socketCommsPort [port]
Port must be available (Recommend using 18001 for 1st server and incrementing for each instance).

/gate setconf socketCommsPass [password]
Password should be appropriate enough to encrypt server-server comms.

Setting this up for each server will enable socket communication between the plugins and give access to the following commands:

/gate addserver [name] [address:port] [password] - Make a BungeeCord server known.

/gate remserver [name] - Remove a known BungeeCord server.

/gate serverlist,serverls - Display known BungeeCord servers and their connectivity.

To link up the servers via socket comms you need make each AncientGates plugin aware of its neighbouring servers. To do this, we type the command /gate addserver [name] [address:port] [password] for EACH server we have just setup using the above instructions.

[name] is the name referred to when you type "/server [name]".

[address] tends to be unless the server risides elsewhere.

[port] is the "socketCommsPort" you set in the config (/gate setconf) of the server you are adding.

[password] is the "socketCommsPass" you set in the config (/gate setconf) of the server you are adding.

Once you've added all these servers onto one of your AncientGates instances, you will notice a new file has been created called servers.json. You can copy this file to the config directories of all you other servers to save repeating the process for each instance.

Socket Comms Youtube Video

An Advanced Usage BungeeCord setup video has kindly been put together on YouTube by BoundHacker.

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Example Socket Comms Configs

Example servers.json

Example conf.json file for server1

Example conf.json file for server2

Socket Comms Permissions

ancientgates.addserver - access to the addserver command.

ancientgates.remserver - access to the remserver command.

ancientgates.serverlist - access to the serverlist command.


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