Ancient Gates v1.8.0


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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


**This support versions of Craftbukkit as low as 1.4.7-R1.0**


  • Updated to 1.7.2-R0.2 (Implemented temporary workaround for sugarcane physics).
  • Re-introduced support for previous versions as low as 1.4.7-R1.0.
  • Implemented support for changing config settings live on the server.
  • Added the command "/gate setconf [option] [value]"
  • Implemented allowing/disallowing/clearing of inventory when entering gates.
  • Added the command "/gate setinv [id] [true/false/clear]"
  • Implemented tool to allow admin to tp to gates and their destinations.
  • Added the command "/gate tpfrom [id]" and "/gate toto [id]"
  • Improved Socket Comms performance (close threads and implemented hard timeout).
  • Improved flooding algorithm to ensure full control over gate orientations (This included the handling of slabs within vertical frames).
  • Improved Basic BungeeCord support (allow the commands to respond back).
  • Improved Socket Comms functionality (checks servers before adding them). Also updated "/gate serverlist" to ping servers and return their connection state.
  • Restructured list commands to display line-by-line instead of comma separated.
  • Fix to revert Biome of horizontal water gates when closing them.
  • Fix to keep gates open when changing their portal material.


  • Implemented gate cooldown period between teleports. To adjust set "gateCooldownPeriod" (in milliseconds) in config (conf.json).
  • Fixed gate searching algorithm preferring diagonal gates over vertical gates within tunnels.
  • Fixed auto-update initiating before config was loaded (prevented disabling auto-update).
  • Added socket comms port bind conflict handling (disables socket comms if port already in use).
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when removing non-existent world locations.
  • Added teleport handling for Horses carrying chests with inventory.


  • Updated to 1.6.4-R1.0 (removed deprecated Bukkit API).
  • Implemented entity cross-world teleportion workaround (Horses now teleport across worlds).
  • Implemented support for command execution on entering gates (incl. BungeeCord)
  • Added the command "/gate setexec [id] [player/console] [command]"
  • Fixed allowing/disallowing entities through gates.
  • Throw items out of vehicle instead of removing them when entities are disallowed.
  • Fixed Multiverse-Core and MultiWorld compatibility.
  • Fixed basic BungeeCord support (broken in v1.7.1).
  • Prevent damage from portal material when only head is exposed (horizontal gates).
  • Implemented customisable BungeeCord teleport messges.
  • Added AIR as a gate portal material.
  • Prevent AncientGates from re-creating non-existent worlds.
  • Unbind socket comms port on server reload.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Fixed "/gate setto" command not finding remote gate id's.
  • Fixed valid materials list on "/gate setmaterial" command.


  • Implemented teleportation messages per gate.
  • Added the command "/gate setmsg [id] [message]".
  • Implemented custom BungeeCord teleport notifications, informing users they have gone to another server. To disable set "customBungeeMessages" to false in config (conf.json).
  • Implemented support for multiple "to" locations.
  • Added the command "/gate addto [id] *[server]" to add another "to" where you stand.
  • Added the command "/gate remto [id] *[server]" to remove a "to" near where you stand.
  • Implemented support for location-based and server-based Bungee teleports.
  • Added the command "/gate setbungeetype [id] [location/server]" to switch per gate.
  • Hide economy message when gate cost is zero.
  • Added support for teleporting dropped item entities.
  • Added the commands "/gate openall" and "/gate closeall".
  • Implemented support for riding entities through portals across both worlds and servers.
  • Fixed gate access permission wildcards for GroupManager.
  • Updated block lists to 1.6.2 block list.
  • Updated Metrics to R7.
  • Improved BungeeCord teleportation system.
  • Simplified BungeeCord setup by removing "bungeeServerName" from config.
  • Implemented config safeguards, including "gateMaxArea" warning and limit.
  • Overall code cleanup.


  • Fixed NPE on startup when gate "from" location is not set.
  • Added support for multiple frame orientations per "from" location.


  • Added the ability to change the portal material on a per-gate basis. Supports - End Portal, Lava, Portal, Sugar Cane, Water and Web
  • Added the ability to have both vertical and horizontal portals.
  • Optimised teleportation by implementing new gate searching algorithm


  • Re-implemented gate access permissions (no longer requires negative permissions). Set "enforceAccess" to true in config (conf.json).


  • Implemented vehicle teleportation support across both worlds and BungeeCord servers. Requires you to set "useInstantNether" to true in config (conf.json).
  • Implemented allowing/disallowing of vehicle teleportion per gate.
  • Added auto-update feature to plugin Metrics.


  • Removed hard dependency on Vault for external BungeeCord commands.
  • Implemented auto-update feature. To disable set "autoUpdate" to false in config (conf.json).


  • Implemented optional nether-style teleportation method (less resource intensive, as does not rely on player movement). Set "useInstantNether" to false in config (conf.json).
  • Added the ability to identify the gate you are looking at with the command "/gate info".
  • Removed MetricsLite in place of Metrics to gain fuller understanding of plugin use.
  • Code cleanup from BungeeCord support.


  • Implemented support for multiple "from" locations.
  • Added the command "/gate addfrom [id]" to add another "from" where you stand.
  • Added the command "/gate remfrom [id]" to remove a "from" near where you stand.


  • Implemented full BungeeCord support. Set "bungeeCordSupport" to true and specify bungeeServerName (same name used in BungeeCord config.yml) in config (conf.json) and then specify "server" in the "setto" command.
  • Implemented allowing/disallowing of entity teleportion per gate.
  • Improved protection of portals breaking from fire.
  • Improved list command to show gate costs.


  • Fixed nether portal interference issues (no longer uses a search radius).
  • Implemented prevention of Pigmen spawning near AncientGate portals.
  • Improved protection of portals breaking if containing sand blocks.
  • Gates are now closed prior to moving the "setfrom" location.
  • gateSearchRadius removed from "conf.json", replaced with gateMaxArea. gateMaxArea is the maximum allowed size of an AncientGate.


  • Fixed issue with economy not working (not initialised correctly).
  • Improved protection to prevent entity explosions.


  • Added the ability to allow/disallow the teleportation of entities. Set "teleportEntities" to false in the config (conf.json) to disallow entities using gates.
  • Removed hard dependencies on Vault (apologies guys, Vault should not be required now).


  • Added economy support (requires Vault). Set "useEconomy" to true in the config (conf.json).
  • Added the command "/setcost [gateid] [cost]" to set the use cost of a gate.
  • Added the permission node "ancientgates.econbypass" to bypass gate charges.


  • Implemented a fix to resolve nether teleportation issues whilst in creative mode.
  • Added MetricsLite to gain an understanding of how many servers are using this plugin.
  • Fixed plugin reporting "Vault dependency not found" when economy hooks are not available.


  • Added gate renaming command. You can now rename your gates.
  • Fixed bug where gate could not be deleted unless its "setto" location was specified and gate open.
  • Added Vault permissions support.
  • Implemented full permission nodes support (See permissions section on main page). Gate access defaults to true unless a minus is specified (i.e. -ancientgates.use.PrivateGateId).
  • Improved gate teleportation system.


  • Improved gate protection to prevent blocks being placed in front of gates and protection from explosions. Remember protection is only present whilst the gate is open.
  • Fixed a bug where player would be teleported to nether when gate "setto" location not set.


  • Extended gate protection to protect blocks within a one block 360deg radius of the portal blocks. To disable the protection, simply close the gate, edit it and then re-open the gate.
  • Removed the GSON library from the plugin (already within Craftbukkit).
  • Increased the default gateSearchRadius within config (will update automatically), to help improve nether issues.


  • Implemented a very light-weight portal protection. Currently prevents AncientGate portal blocks from being broken.
  • Code cleanup from previous author.
  • Fixed plugin version number.


  • Updated to 1.4.7.
  • Fixed instant nether teleportation issues.


  • Fixed the operator or permission issue (for real this time). Been super lazy, my apologies. You can now either be op or have the permission node "ancientgates.admin" to operate the gates.


  • Updated for latest craftbukkit. (worked before, but just in case.)


  • Updated for 1.2.5 (worked before, but now its official!)
  • Added a fix for operators not being able to issue commands without having the permission. Sorry about the lateness of the fix. Things have been hectic.
  • Updated transportation methods, shouldn't have issues with cross worlds anymore (rare occurrence).


  • Updated for RB 6.
  • Fixed an issue where some commands weren't being captured correctly in the Map, causing errors.


  • Removed operator only support. Must use permissions system.


  • Fixed an issue where Gates weren't capturing the right relative location.


  • Fixed an issue where Operators wouldn't have access to /gate without a permissions system.

External BungeeCord commands require Vault for permissions, otherwise you must be an Op.

Vehicle teleportation and alternative gate materials require "useVanillaPortals" to be set to false in config ("/gate setconf").