Ancient Gates

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Ancient Gates - Easily create portals with any custom design.

Original Author: Olof Larsson

Originally Maintained by: bladedpenguin/locutus

Currently Maintained by: cr0ssVtW

Version: 1.4.1

== Ancient Gates - GitHub ==

This plugin can allow those with permission to create gates. These gates will transport/teleport anyone who enters that gate to the designated location. This is a very easy to use, easy to maintain transportation plugin! As a bonus, the gates can look any way you like!

To get started, try the ingame command: /gate


/gate help,h,? [page] - Display a help page

/gate create,new [id] - Create a gate

/gate delete,del,remove [id] - Delete a gate

/gate setfrom [id] - Set “from” to your location.

/gate setto [id] - Set “to” to your location.

/gate open [id] - Open that gate after creation.

/gate close [id] - Close that gate at any time.

/gate list,ls - Display a list of the gates



Only one: ancientgates.admin - this will allow anyone with that permission full access to create, delete, open or close gates.

Who can create a gate?

Those with the permission node or operators.

How do I create a gate?

Using the command /gate create [id] will create a gate with the name of "[id]". You then stand wherever you choose to make the gate (making a frame out of seemingly anything (besides, say, lava or water) and do a /gate setfrom [id]. This will set the "from" position (where players must walk into) where you stand. You then go to where you want to have players teleport to, and type: /gate setto [id] and it set that position to where you stand. Once this is all set up, you now open the gate with /gate open [id]. This should open the portal and allow users to enter them at any time.

Who can destroy a gate?

Anyone if you do not use a third-party protection plugin like Towny, Factions, Worldguard, etc.

Is there economy/Vault integration? Features for user to dial other gates etc?

Not at this time.


To Do List:

- Fork Vault in, allowing costs per gate creation, teleport, etc.

- Create basic gate destruction protection, removing the need for Worldguard/Factions/Towny/etc.

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