Ancient Gates


This plugin can allow those with permission, to create gates. These gates will teleport any player, entity (incl. passenger) or vehicle (incl. passenger) that enters that gate to the designated location and/or execute a command. This is a very easy to use, easy to maintain transportation plugin! As a bonus, the gates can look any way you like (vertical or horizontal), with a selection of portal materials.

To get started, try the in game command: /gate

Commands & Permissions

AncientGates commands and permission nodes are simple and intuitive.
Click here for commands and permission nodes...

Configuration Settings

AncientGates configuration options are fairly extensive.
Click here for configuration (/gate setconf) settings...

BungeeCord Support

AncientGates fully supports BungeeCord server-server player, entity and vehicle teleportation.
Click here for further information and full setup instructions...


AncientGates has seen a fair few questions in its time. Here are some of the more frequent ones.
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions...

Featured Video

I recently came across this video, showcasing the latest features. It has been put together by Vikaar1.

I've seen several Youtube videos since taking over maintenance of this plugin.
Click here to see more, including translations...

Development Builds

Go to the AncientGates Jenkins build server


You can (globally) opt out the stat collection via /plugins/bStats/config.yml if you wish.




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