Friends List is a cross-server friend system that allows you to keep track of all your friends and chat with them no matter what server they are on. A good example of this is Joe is on server A and Jane is on server B they can not only see each other's online status, but will also be able to message each other. Like other services such as MSN, Skype AOL etc. Friends List also offers the ability for users to go AFK and even invisible; this makes them appear offline to other users who have them on their friend list.

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AMP Core

Permission Nodes

AMPFriendsList.user - Gives access to all AMPFriends List functions.


  • Persistent friends list that works over multiple servers
  • Friend chat over multiple servers
  • Change your status from Online/Invisible/Busy/AFK
  • Offline messages


  • /fl list <num> = Lists out all friends on your friend list.
  • /fl onlinelist <num> = Lists out all online friends on your friends list.
  • /fl find <name> = Find a friend in your friends list and see what their status is.
  • /fl overview = Shows current information about you.
  • /fl add <name> = Add a friend to friends list.
  • /fl rem <name> = Remove a friend from friends list.
  • /fl mail <num> = List all offline messages.
  • /fl mail clear = Clears all offline messages.
  • /fl requests = List out all current friend requests.
  • /fl accept <name> = Accept a friendship request from a user.
  • /fl decline <name> = Decline a friendship request from a user.
  • /fl tell <name> <msg> = Message a friend on friends list (this works across multiple servers).
  • /fl status <Online|Invisible|Busy|AFK> = Change your current status.
  • /fl about = Tells users about the plugin, checks database for latest updates.
  • /fl help = Shows this list of commands.


Version 1.10 - 20-Oct-2011

  • Rebuilt system into new engine using AMPCore
  • Fixed a bug in the friends system causing offline messages to not be displayed.
  • Added support for Bukkit permissions or PermissionsEx if it is installed.
  • Created auto update service (optional) to keep all AMP plugins up to date.
  • Added AMPCore commands for site registration and other functionality.

Version 1.00 - 03-Oct-2011

  • Friends List official release


  • Addramyr – Primary developer
  • viper92225 - Debugging and code helping
  • fowltief - Debugging and testing
  • megas - Debugging and testing
  • Shanobe - Debugging and testing
  • Also thanks to everyone who downloads this plugin!


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