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This plugin enables to give users a virtual chest, which can come in handy on survival servers and also on creative servers. By default, you will not loose the contents of your chest when you die. You can simply open it by typing /chest and admins can open other player's chests by typing /chest [player]!

The second useful feature is a virtual workbench that can be opened everywhere with the /workbench command!

Please note that I will not add virtual furnaces to this plugin!

The source code can be found on GitHub.

Thanks to BrandonHopkins/TechHut for the video!


The following commands are made available by this plugin:

Open your virtual chest (requires "alphachest.chest" permission)
Clears your virtual chest (requires "alphachest.chest" permission)
Opens a virtual workbench (requires "alphachest.workbench" permission)

Admin commands:

/chest [player]
Open someone else's chest (requires "alphachest.admin" permission)
/clearchest [player]
Clears someone else's chest (requires "alphachest.admin" permission)
Saves the contents of all chests to disk (requires "" permission)


You need to set the appropriate permissions using the SuperPerms-compatible plugin of your choice! Please see the lists below for required permissions.

Allows using the /chest and /clearchest commands.
Allows using the /chest command while being in Creative Mode.
Allows using the /workbench command.
Allows to open and clear other player's chests using /chest [player] and /clearchest [player].
Allows using the /savechests command.
Players with this permission keep the contents of their virtual chest on death.
Players with this permission drop the contents of their virtual chest on death.
Players with this permission lose the contents of their virtual chest on death.

Configuration file

The following definitions are taken from the default configuration file:

autosave: 10
Defines the interval (in minutes) the plugin should save the chests to disk. Setting this to zero disables periodic saving.
silentAutosave: false
Set this to true to suppress log messages while auto-saving chests.
clearOnDeath: false
Set this to true to clear a player's chest on death if he does not have the "alphachest.keepOnDeath" permission.
dropOnDeath: false
Set this to true to drop the contents of the player's chest on death if he does not have the "alphachest.keepOnDeath" permission.


I really invested a lot of time into this plugin. If you like my work, please consider donating! Especially if you use AlphaChest as a special for your own donators, it shouldn't hurt you too much :-)


I closed the comment section on this page as it was too confusing and important information got lost pretty quickly.

Please use the Forum for discussion and questions!

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