On first running the plugin, three files will be generated:

  • config.yml - Has the basic settings for the plugin
  • lockpicks.csv - Contains the items configured to be lockpicks and their properties
  • protected.csv - Contains the protected regions and locations


The permission for allowing players to pick locks is "allowlockpicking.canpick", which defaults to ops. If you don't use permissions or want to allow all players to pick locks, change allow-all to true.

worlds:     // A list of worlds where lockpicking is enabled
- world
messages:   // The messages to be displayed
  failure: ' '                 
  success: ' '
  cooldown: ' '         // If the player can't pick locks due to cooldown
    protected: ' '       // If it is protected due to friendly lockpicking being disabled, or all factions areas being protected
  towny: false           //Protect things inside towns from being picked
  chestshop: false       // Protect all ChestShop chests from being picked
    protect-all: false            // Protect all Faction regions
    allow-friendly: false         //  Allow members of allied factions to pick from each other
allow-all: false  // Allow all players to pick locks if true
  enabled: true    // Display lockpick information when the /lockpick command is typed
  show-enabled-items: true     // Display the items the lockpick can / can't pick
  show-chances: true     // Display the chance of success (for each item if show-enabled-items is true, otherwise shows an average of the success chances (ignoring 0).
  teleportonfail: false   // If the player should be teleported if they fail
  teleportlocation: world,0,0,0     //Location to teleport the player to
  runonfail: false  // If a command should be run on failure
  runasconsole: false   // If the command should be run as if it was from the console (instead of the player)
  commandtorun: say You failed.  // The command to be run, typed exactly as the player would (without the /). To input the player's name as an argument use %player%


To add lockpicks to this list, add a new line and fill out every field. The fields are listed below:

  • name : The name that will be displayed on the /lockpick screen. If left blank will fill with the Material name
  • datavalue : The item id of the lockpick
  • durability : The damage value of the lockpick. If set to -1 will work for any durability values
  • loseonsuccess : If the lockpick should be consumed on success
  • loseonfailure : If the lockpick should be consumed on failure
  • playerdamageonfail : Amount to damage the player on failure (1 = 1/2 a heart, unless other plugins are modifying it)
  • itemdamageonfail : Amount to damage the item on failure
  • cooldown : Cooldown time added on player failure
  • door : If this lockpick can open wooden doors
  • irondoor : If this lockpick can open iron doors
  • chest : If this lockpick can open chests
  • furnace : If this lockpick can open furnaces
  • trapdoor : If this lockpick can open trap doors
  • fencegate : If this lockpick can open fence gates
  • dispensers : If this lockpick can open dispensers

You must save the file with a .csv (comma delimited) format. Excel/your editing program may tell you incompatible features or formatting will be lost - that is ok. To see a sample .csv click here.


I recommend not editing this manually, and just using the /alp protect and /alp protect region commands.

  • id : The id of the protected region
  • type : The type of protection (location or region)
  • world : World of the protected item
  • x, y, z : Block coordinates