• /alp and /alp help - Display all commands available to the user (based on their permission)
  • /lockpick will display all possible lockpick items, based on the settings in the configuration file

If the user has the "allowlockpicking.canprotect" permission:

  • /alp protect - Protects the next location the user right clicks
  • /alp protect region - Protects the cuboid defined by the user's next two right clicks
  • /alp list - Lists nearby protected locations (within 10 blocks) with their IDs
  • /alp list regions - List all protected regions in the world with their IDs
  • /alp remove [id] - Remove the protection of the region/location with the ID you type.

If the user has the "allowlockpicking.admin" permission:

  • /alp reload - Reloads the configuration, and lockpicks

Any user with the "allowlockpicking.admin" permission will automatically get the other permissions.