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What is Alliances?

Alliances is a clan-based plugin designed to replace plugins such as Factions and SimpleClans. It brings alliance based features to Bukkit servers to let players compete in a friendly diplomacy! It uses MySQL OR SQLite for data storage and all data is stored in memory for Ultra-fast performance with no overhead! The plugin will feature an easy setup as well as features found in both SimpleClans and Factions. The plugin is very easy to setup with automatic database creation and minimal config editing!

The plugin is currently in a pre-alpha stage and I am looking to assemble a development team to speed up the release. If you feel that you would be willing to contribute time and energy to development send me a private message.


  • Adaptive configuration!
  • Wars and Diplomacy!
  • MySQL or SQLite!
  • Economy integration!
  • Permission integration!


  • Installation (To be Written)
  • Configuration (To be Written)
  • Permissions (To be Written)
  • User Tutorial (To be Written)
  • FAQ (To Be Written)

Todo List:

  • Continue adding commands.
  • Improve stability of plugin.
  • Add ChatAPI as well as EventAPI.
  • Power system, land claiming and relations!
  • Migrate to a new SQL library. (Involves migrating to PreparedStatements, ASync Read/Writes)
  • Test alpha and beta builds on servers.


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