AllAboard: Automatically Board Carts

Version: v0.4


Getting inside a cart can sometimes be difficult. Right clicking on a cart works, but if the cart is moving it might be hard to catch up and right click on it. With this plugin there is no more need to right-click on carts to get in. Simply stand in front of a moving cart, or walk towards it and you will automaticlly be placed inside the cart. When you want to get out, right click on the cart and it will be removed.



  • Stand infront of a moving cart, or walk towards it and you will automatically be placed inside the cart.
  • Right click when you are inside a cart and the cart will be removed.

Commands (currently ops only)

  • /autoboard - turns AllAboard on or off server wide


Download AllAboard


v0.4 - 16/09/2011

  • Fixed issue with minecarts ejecting user if another user is on the track
  • Now when the minecart hits a user it stops

v0.3 - 04/06/2011

  • Fixed issues with minecarts boarding other minecarts when they hit each other

v0.2 - 03/05/2011

  • Added command for turning on and off plugin

v0.1 - 03/06/2011

  • Initial Release


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