Alerts will alert players (by playing a sound) whenever someone says all or part of thier name. (4 letter minimum) EG: 'hey roger' would play an alert for roger_rabbit but 'hey rog' wouldn't as there is only 3 letters of his name

Players can set whether or not alerts is enabled for them, or if they only want to receive alerts whilst afk.(requires Essentials for afk alerts). Players can also choose any minecraft sound they would like, to play as the alert.

Ops are also able to receive alerts for words which you can define in the config. An example config set up would look like this:

Op Alert Words:
- lag
- donkey
- cheese

Then anyone that is an op will receive alerts when any of these words are said.

I made this plugin as all others similar to this seem to be outdated, abandoned, or don't work well.


  • /alerts - will list all available alerts commands
  • /alerts on - will enable alerts for the player
  • /alerts off - will disable alerts for the player
  • /alerts sounds - will list available sounds the player can set
  • /alerts sound <soundname> - will set the alert sound for the player
  • /alerts reload - will reload the plugin for any changes made manually in the files.


  • alerts.use - will allow players to use alerts
  • alerts.reload - will allow player to use the reload command.



This plugin depends on essentials to make use of alerts whilst afk. If you would like a version which does not depend on essentials, or depends on another plugin for afk then please request it below and i will do my best to get a version for you.


  1. Add commands to add/remove words from the alert list.
  2. Add alerts for commands
  3. Add alerts for players actions (Block break, Block place, item use, etc)
  4. Add alerts for (suggestions....)
  5. Add option to log alerts into a file.


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