What is AlertAFK?

AlertAFK allows players to designate themselves as AFK, so that other players talking to them in chat are notified that they are not available.

  • Players can designate a custom AFK message, which will be displayed to users mentioning them (and optionally broadcast to the server when they go AFK, if broadcastGlobally is enabled)
  • Players are automatically set back to available when they return to the game - there’s no need to remember to run a command
  • Players can designate custom "aliases" that will also trigger a notification that they are unavailable
  • Several command aliases are available, should there be any incompatibilities with existing plugins.

AlertAFK was built as light-weight as possible, but this is still my first relatively comprehensive plugin (code-wise; the user interaction is, of course, extremely simple :)), so it may be inefficient in some aspects. Please feel free to suggest changes if you think something could be better - in fact, I encourage you to. (What fun is open-source, community-driven software if only one person is writing it?)

AlertAFK is entirely open-source, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. Here’s what that means for you:

  • Feel free to do whatever you want with AlertAFK
  • Feel free to share AlertAFK with whoever you want but:
  • Don’t sell it.
  • Don’t license anything using AlertAFK with a more restricting license.

I believe in open software, and I believe in freedom of information. Let’s use it responsibly and be an example to the world.


This is the usage for toggling AFK:

/<command> [optional AFK message]

That’s it. These are the commands:

  • /afk
  • /a
  • /away

This is the usage for setting aliases:

/alias <add/del/list/clear> [alias]


There are currently only two values that you need to worry about in AlertAFK’s configuration file. There is broadcastGlobally, defaulting to false, which defines whether or not to broadcast to the entire server when a user goes AFK or becomes available again, and defaultAfkMessage, which is the default AFK message to be provided, should the user not provide one. User-defined aliases are also stored in the configuration file, and can be modified from the configuration file, but are primarily modified from in-game. The configuration file will be generated on first-run, you do not need to create it manually.

Note: AlertAFK makes use of Hidendra’s Griefcraft Metrics. These statistics are entirely anonymous, and do not affect performance in any way. These statistics help me to get an idea of who’s using AlertAFK and how, but I respect your right to privacy - should you wish to disable these usage statistics, please opt-out in the PluginMetrics/config.yml file, generated on first-run.

Latest version

1.1, CB 1.4.7-R1.0 Usage statistics


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