al·che·mist (noun) - a person who is versed in or practices alchemy, a process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

This is alchemy, and this is the office of Vulcan; he is the apothecary and chemist of the medicine. ~ Paracelsus

The purpose of the Alchemist plugin is to use items that tend to have little in game value and make them useful by adding them to potions.


  • Use common, or low-use items (such as emeralds) to boost, augment or change potions entirely
    • Change duration
    • Change power
    • Make new effects
    • Any combination!

How does it Work

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be done with Brewing Stands directly, so all of Alchemist's features utilize the crafting table by combining a potion with a configured ingredient. Unlike many other "potion effect" style plugins, Alchemist doesn't just use commands to fake potions - it crafts a new potion to be used.

The Configuration

The Default Config:

  debug: false # Show debug messages
  maxEffects: 3 # The maximum amount of new effects on an item
  dupeEffects: false # Allow the same effect more than once (to increase level)
potion: # The potion section
  allowWater: false #Allow the use of plain water
  allowSplash: false # Allow Alchemist on Splash potions
  '388': #An Alchemy item: Emerald
    effect: FAST_DIGGING # What effect?
    power: 1 # What level?
    requires: 0 # Require a specific potion that this will work on
    name: Giga Drill # Name of the new Potion
    duration: 60

With the above example, if you add an Emerald to a potion, it will also grant Fast_Digging (Haste from Beacons) at level 1 for 60 seconds.

Commands & Permissions

/alchemistAll commands are prefixed with /alchemist#
reloadReload the config and recipes - Old recipes will NOT be removed until the next reboot.alchemist.admin
potionAdd, Change and Delete a potion from the configalchemist.admin

Examples & Walkthrough

"But Raum, I still don't get it .... how EXACTLY do I use it" Well, random person I made up and quoted, it's simple. The default config uses an emerald (388), so we will be using that for our examples.

We're going to assume that the item is NOT in the config, so we will be starting over:

/alch potion new 388 - This will add a new potion to the recipe list with item #388 with dummy options - it's where every potion will start.
/alch potion info 388 - View the information for this potion
/alch potion edit 388 effect FAST_DIGGING - Change the potion's effect to Fast_Digging (haste from Beacons)
/alch potion edit 388 duration 120 - Lets let it last for 120 seconds.
/alch potion edit 388 name J0LT Cola - A bit of 80s humor, just for good taste.
That's it. Continue to do this for as many items and effects as you want.

"But Raum .. I didn't mean to add Emeralds! I meant to add Bedrock!"
That's easy too, Random made up guy.
/alch delete 388 No more emerald in the config. Note: Even though the effect can no longer be used, the recipe will still be in the system and craftable until the next reboot!!


V1: Overwrite does NOT function correctly at this time.

To Do

  • Add Wand Items
  • Add Bomb/Grenade Items


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