Command References

On this page you will find all the general information and usage about all of the current AlchemicalArrows official commands. This will also tell you all of the related permission nodes to the commands, and what the result will be after the command has been successfully executed. I hope this is a helpful guide. If it is, feel free to let me know over a private message, or just by supporting me and download the plugin for yourself :)




  • This is the administrative command for AlchemicalArrows which allows for many administrative tasks within the plugin
  • This is just a base command with sub-command structures as followed:

Sub-commands / Arguments

  • /alchemicalarrows reload - Reload the configuration file for AlchemicalArrows - Permission node: arrows.command.reload
  • /alchemicalarrows version - Gather version information about AlchemicalArrows and where you can report bugs. No permission node
  • /alchemicalarrows killallarrows - Filter through every single specialized arrow added by AlchemicalArrows and kill it alongside the particles. This is for administrative purposes only and will remove any specialized arrow in any world regardless of it's position - Permission node: arrows.command.killallarrows


  • There is only one available alias for this command:
  • /aa



  • This command allows for oped players (or players with the respective permission node), to give a specialized arrow to one's self, or to another player

Subcommands / Arguments

  • The full command can be structured as so: "/givearrows <arrow> [count] [player]" (<> brackets are required, [] brackets are optional)
  • <arrow>: Replace this tag with any variant of elemental arrows.
    • Example: "/givearrow earth" will give you an earth arrow
  • [count]: Replace this tag with an integer value. This will determine how many arrows will be given. This value is optional. If left blank, it will default to 1
    • Example: "/givearrow earth 2" will give you 2 earth arrows. You can specify integers higher than 64
  • [player]: Replace this tag with the player you would like to give the arrow to. If left blank, the arrows will be given to one's self.
    • Example: "/givearrow earth 1 2008Choco" will gracefully give me 1 earth arrow ;)
  • Permission node: arrows.command.givearrow


  • Just incase /givearrow seems kind of strange when giving multiple arrows, the only alias to this command is as followed:
  • /givearrows