AlchemicalArrows 3.0.0-BETA2


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    Oct 2, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


WARNING!!! Before downloading and using this update, please update to the latest version of CraftBukkit / Spigot. This build uses features added in some of the more recent versions of CraftBukkit thus you MUST be up-to-date, else AlchemicalArrows WILL spew errors in the console. This build will only work on 1.13.1. Please do not come to request support if you are not on the most recent version of CraftBukkit.



  • Frost arrows will now freeze nearby water after hitting the ground or coming in contact with water
  • Grapple arrows are now removed from the ground after they have pulled the player. This is to prevent them from being overpowered by being reusable
  • Arrow recipes that use more than one type of ingredient (i.e. darkness arrow with coal or charcoal) will now be displayed as the same recipe in the vanilla recipe book much like how chests can be crafted with any type of wood but are displayed as a single recipe
  • All default AlchemicalArrow recipes will be granted to the player in their recipe book after the recipe for an arrow has been discovered (this is mostly for new players on your server)
  • Change AlchemicalArrows' messaging system to match that of VeinMiner. This is more of a test. Please let me know what you think, I am open to changing the format
  • Change how recipes are handled internally. They now search for "catalysts" which can be any type of material. For all default arrows provided by AlchemicalArrow, the catalyst is a regular arrow. This should make things a little more stable with regards to cauldron crafting (WHICH STILL NEEDS MORE TESTERS. Please enable this and help me in testing, it helps a lot)
  • Fix darkness arrows not being craftable in the cauldron without both charcoal and coal. They may now be used interchangeably as expected
  • Fix tab completion not properly removing suggestions that do not match your currently typed argument (for example, writing "/givearrow ma" will now only suggest "alchemicalarrows:magic" and "alchemicalarrows:magnetic", as well as any other registered arrow that starts with "ma" (assuming there are add-on plugins on the server)