Airline Food

This plugin allows players to fly in survival at the cost of hunger.

To fly, simply double-tap the space bar (as if your were in creative). No commands needed!!

Asked for by UltraFaceGuy at:

Video Link:

Current Features

  • No command usage required!
  • Flying is permitted while in survival mode
  • Flying takes a configurable amount of food per second
  • Flying is not permitted when hunger is under a configurable level.
  • Stops players from eating food while flying.
    -->Configuration allows a certain amount to be consumed before application of limitation.
  • Commands for modifying the config file.
  • Full permissions system

Planned Features

  • API
  • Stopping players from eating food while flying
  • Spout support
  • Other

Commands / Permissions

Command / AbilityPermission Node
Ability to
Access to airlineReloadairline.config.reload
Access to airlineDecayairline.config.decay
Access to airlineFoodMinairline.config.foodMin
Access to airlineEatingMaxairline.config.eatingMax


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