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  • user-7384268 created this issue Aug 5, 2013

    Could you add permissions like:
    afterlife.see.full     (to see ghosts completly)
    afterlife.see.partly  (to see ghosts partly)
    afterlife.seen.full     (to force other players without permissions to see you completly)
    afterlife.seen.partly  (to force other players without permissions to see you completly)
    afterlife.seen.ignore  (to not be forced to see someone)
    If players have no "see" permission they can't see any ghosts.
    Full overrides partly.
    If players have the "seen" permission they force other players to see them.
    -end of line-

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  • _ForgeUser7181231 posted a comment Aug 7, 2013

    I'll add a permission for something like [afterlife.see] which would let a player see all ghosts. (Would be good for admins.)

    However, separating seeing ghosts partly and fully aren't something I will be adding in the main AfterLife plugin. (I may make extensions soon.)

    What would be the point of "afterlife.seen.full" ? Couldn't you give the other players a [afterlife.see] permission? What would be an example on when you would use this?

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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  • user-7384268 posted a comment Aug 8, 2013

    the seen permissions are...ok an example:a normal player that can't see any ghosts is next to a ghost ...he can't see him...but if the ghost got the afterlife.seen.full perm the normal player can see him...even thought he has no perms for seeing ghosts. so you could give some players that want to be seen as ghost (vips maybe ?) those seen perms

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  • _ForgeUser7181231 posted a comment Aug 8, 2013

    @KevinABC96: Go

    Okay, I understand it better now. I'll work on adding the permissions. :)

    But like I've said before, fullVanish and partVanish won't be able to work at the same time.

    Edited Aug 9, 2013
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