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    Jun 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


**AfterLife v1.2 contained a critical bug that prevented AfterLife from loading without Citizens installed. This code has been removed and v1.2 has been removed and replaced with v1.2.1**

After Life v1.2b
June 29, 2013
* Hot Fix: (Ticket #22) Removed old code that prevented AfterLife to start without Citizens installed.

After Life v1.2
"The Permission Update"
June 23-29, 2013
* Fixed some command handling errors.
+ Added permission nodes to most commands.
    Can be found on our documentation page.
+ Added AfterLife bypass permission to prevent players from becoming ghosts.
    NOTE: Server OPs by default get the permission [afterlife.bypass]. For ops to become ghosts
    you'll neeed to revoke that permission from them.
+ New configuration option: Enable or disable the permission node afterlife.bypass
    Due to the fact that all ops will have the node, you can choose to completely disable the node in the config.
* Backend: Changed package names to prevent future conflicts.
* Backend: Code relocation. Code to turn players into humans/ghosts is now in one place.
* Fixed Bug (Ticket #15): When becoming a ghost, server will now check if the player is already a ghost.
+ Feature Added (Ticket #14): Option to disable commnads for ghosts, with commands whitelist.
+ Feature Added: You can now execute custom commands when a player becomes a ghost/human.
+ Feature Added: The following world effects can be now played when a player becomes a human/ghost:
    Non-Damage Explosion
    Ender Signal
* Fixed Bug: Fixed plugin metrics mistake. Was sending data with a wrong keyword.
* Fixed Bug: (Ticket #19) AfterLife will now check when turning a player into a ghost to make sure they are actually online.
    This will prevent NPCs from becoming ghosts and throwing a bunch of errors. (Currently only tested with Citizens)

Please report all bugs and suggestions as a ticket.