AfterLife v1.0


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    Jun 21, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


*Starting this update, files will be just named AfterLife.jar instead of Afterlife-vX.X.jar I am doing this to reduce confusion when using the built in auto updater. When updating to v1.0, please delete AfterLife-vx.x.jar and replace it with AfterLife v1.0's jar which is just named AfterLife.jar Thanks!*

Living Dead v1.0
June 18-21, 2013
* Changed version to 1.0 now that AfterLife seems to have the features to function properly as it should. *
+ You can now set a spawnpoint for where ghosts spawn.
+ Option for ghosts to take no damage.
* Fixed a bug where ghosts would sometimes stay invisible after a reload.
+ Finally, after a lot of work. Ghosts can now see ghosts.
+ Added Plugin Metrics integration.
    Completely anonymous data related to AfterLife will be sent to the well trusted Metrics website.
+ Created messages.yml which will contain messages sent by AfterLife.
    Currently only includes two messages, may increase in the future.
    Supports color codes.
    Will reload on /afterlife reload command.
+ Added two more effects that you are able to add to ghosts. More to come!
    Jump Boost
    Night Vison
+ Option to disable killing mobs when you're a ghost.
+ You can now set a seperate spawn for when ghosts turn back to humans.
- Removed some debug messages.
+ Integration with WorldGuard!!
    AfterLife won't do anything if a player died in regions specified in the config.yml file.
+ New commands to force players to become a ghost/human.
    /afterlife ghost <PlayerName>
    /afterlife human <PlayerName>

Please report all bugs and suggestions as a ticket.

I didn't have enough time to add permissions this update. Hope to have them ready for the next update. :D