AfterLife v0.2.1


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    Jun 17, 2013
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  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


Living Dead v0.2
June 16, 2013
+ Added auto-update checking, which can be disabled in the new config file.
+ New /afterlife command.
    Currently only used for /afterlife update which will force a update from BukkitDev.
+ You can now set the lifespan of ghosts in the configuration file.
+ Option to disable item pickup for ghosts.
    Players will not get a message telling them they cannot pickup the item due to the spam it would create.
+ Option to disable item dropping for ghosts.
+ Option to disable chest and furnace opening. Other GUI blocks will be added soon.
+ Ghost effects are now configurable.
+ New config option if players should get teleported back to their death point when they turn to human.
+ Ghosts can play a scary "breath" sound by sneaking.

Living Dead v0.2.1
June 16, 2013
** Fixed critical scheduler bug that caused servers to crash at times. **
* Improved the command menu. (/afterlife)
+ Added configuration reload command with execution timer. (~1ms)
+ Added a new ghost effect. (thickSmoke)
* Fixed a lot of bugs around reloging in to the server.
    * Fixed a bug where ghosts would be visible to players joining the server after they have been turned in to a ghost.
    * If teleportToDeathLoc is enabled in the config, ghosts will get teleported on server reload. Just as they would when becoming human.
+ Added a 'generate report' feature if ever needed in the future.
    Generates a copy of the config and plugin version and then uploads to for one hour.
+ New effect options to ghosts
+ Player's potion effects get removed when they turn in to a human.
* If a ghost logs out, they will automatically be turned back in to a human.
    Not the ideal solution, feedback needed here.
+ Option to allow/deny block placing or breaking for ghosts.
+ Mobs will not target ghosts.

Realized there was some debug messages left in. Nothing really bad, just spams up your console. This is fixed in AfterLife - v0.2.2 along with a couple new features added.