AFK Manager

AfkManager 2.0.1

Works 1.2.5-R1.0 (Recommended Build!).

Requires Vault

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Say Thanks!

Javacow has took over the project! Wait for future updates :D


  • Multiple actions based on custom times.
  • Actions you can perform with AfkManager:
    • Kick - With Messages
    • Kill - With Messages
    • Money - With Messages
    • Message - Only it :)
    • Command - With Messages
    • Broadcast Messages in every Action
  • Check if a player is only moving in a determined radius and set him as an AFK player!
  • Custom config messages with color support!
  • Permissions Support
  • Custom Console Log Messages
  • Manual Exempt Users


afkmanager.exempt //Won't get kicked!
afkmanager.admin //AfkManager reload command


The configuration plugin is on plugins/AfkManager/config.yml..

Default Configuration


/AfkManager reload | /am reload

Known Bugs

None that I know. :D

To Do

  1. Add /afk command.
  2. Add "Player is now AFK" message.
  3. Make the plugin tag customizable in the config.yml


2.0.2: Updated to the lastest RB.

2.0.1: Fixed issue with non lowercased action names and updated to latest recommended build.

2.0.0: Totally rewrite of plugin with a lot of new options, please delete your old config file before update!

1.6.2: Fixed config not reloading properly ingame. Thanks @KJanar

Fixed double console messages.

1.6.1: Hopefully fixed console double kick messages. Thank to @KJanar for reporting it!

1.6: Fix config not being created, thank to @funk1983 for finding it and thanks to @ViniciusFelipe for testing.

1.5: Updated to the New Event System and make compatible with R6 and Newer!

1.3.1: Permissions Bug Fix!

1.3: Massive Bug Fix, I'm a Dumb!

1.2: Added New Functions based on @Ps2maniac9 comment, Thanks!

1.1: Fixed console errors when kicking a player, special thanks to @bergerkiller

1.0: First Release.

AfkManager is Open-Source! :D


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