AdzNoDrop- Per World Drop Disabler

What is AdzNoDrop?

I've noticed that many no-drop plugins can be complex or just aren't updated. That's why I made AdzNoDrop, at request of a server, and I've decided to give it to you!

AdzNoDrop is a per world drop disabler. It could help if you have a world where players must stick with a certain kit, or if in a role play server you don't want players to swap items or leave them lying around.

Attention! It seems there has been a misunderstanding with this plugin. It disables dropping items on the ground. e.g. The player will still lose items but, they will not drop on the floor. Now I understand why people are complaining it doesn't work, I will add not losing items as a new feature after my GCSEs (exams) This is not a bug, just a misunderstanding and I will add what you want as a feature. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will work to resolve this problem.


To install, just place the jar into your plugins folder and either reload or restart the server. Edit the config as shown below!

With AdzNoDrop, drops can be disabled in certain worlds defined in the config. For an explained config Click Here!


/AND <required> [optional]

/AND <enable/disable> [world]

Console must specify world


AdzNoDrop.Bypass <-- Allows a player to drop items no matter what.

AdzNoDrop.BypassDeath <-- Players will drop items on death as usual no matter what.

AdzNoDrop.Admin <-- Allows the usage of /AND to enable/disable drops in world.

One thing to note when using permissions: being OP will give you Bypass and BypassDeath, meaning it will not work for you. Please use a permissions plugin to set these to false for OPs.

One last note...

That's it, have fun!

Please consider donating, I really appreciate any contributions towards my hard work.


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