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0.44 changelog

Configurable independent updates ( you can enable/disable updates in config file )

0.43 changelog

API 1.2.5 and small fixes

0.42 changelog

Added new servers compatibility ( build 1.2 and newer ): now plugin uses new events model, so you can use it for old craftbukkit and for new ( version1.2+ )

What this plugin do?

This plugin allows you to create redstone circuits with the custom delay using repeaters.
You can easily extend delay of any redstone repeater, use it as a railroad switch, railroad stop or signal frame translator.

Trigger components

You need three element to define custom delay for repeater:


Triggers can be used as
  • Repeater with custom delay
  • Signal frame control
  • Railroad switch

Trigger assembling scheme

Basically, you need to put lever at the repeater's output ( it will be used like a switch ) and put sign at left or right repeater's side.
Sign text must contain at least one line DELAY=[time], where [time] is time to wait in seconds.
Please note: All elements must be on a same altitude.
scheme overview

Sing commands syntax

You can define only two commands for trigger:
  • DELAY=[time]
  • POWERED=[time]
[time] — is a rational number, means time in seconds for action duration. Time for any action must be greater than 0.05.
DELAY —command for repeater delay. You can set any delay which starts from 0.05 seconds. Trigger will wait defined time, than after turn on.
POWERED —defines transmit time. If this time is not defined —repeater will be turned-on just for a second otherwise for defined time.Plase note: do not put any spaces in commands, especially around '='.

How it's works?

When repeater receive signal, it looking for the lever and the sign.
If block at the repeater output is a lever and if left or right block is a sign post which contain «DELAY=*»text, repeater will wait defined time than after turn on lever for one second.
Take a look at the screenshot below.
It's show general trigger scheme.
scheme shot

Signs priority

Right sing has higher priority.
If you have two signs with correct delay macros, right one will be used.

Levers state

You cannot change levers state after scheme assembling. You cannot manually turn on/off lever.

Lever will be turned on until last signal be faded.
So, it mean than one lever can be used for multiply triggers, and it will be turned on if at least one trigger are turned and transmits the signal.

Use as a signal frame transmiter

If you need a single signal for a defined time ( for e.g.;30 seconds to harvest wheat on automated farm ) you can use trigger combined with a button use this commands scheme:
Signal will immediately transmited to the receive for a 30 seconds.

Railroad usage

advancedDiode triggers can be used as a railroad stops.
You can find simple scheme for railroad stop on screenshot below.
Just put one block to create a 'hill', than place unpowered power rail on a slope and detector rail just before raise. And connect detector with a power-rail via trigger.

scheme shot
Railroad switch
Any lever can switch railroad branches. So, you can use this feature to create automated switch powered by detector rail.
Put lever at the branches root, then build trigger which will be powered by detector.
For immediately switch reaction, set minimal delay 0.05. Set that powered time, which will allow your minecarts to go through the switch.
Assembling scheme below.

scheme shot

Multiply trigger with the same sign and/or levers

You can use one lever for a couple triggers and it will be used as a compound switcher, which will be turned unless all signal faded.
Also, you can use one sign to define same delay for a multiply triggers. Just put diodes around it.
Look at the circuit diagram below, it illustrate how triggers works.
Diodes ( repeater ) D1 and D2 use common lever to transmit signal and common sign to define delay.
According to the sign priority, D1 will igrone left sign ( DELAY=5 ) and use DELAY=2 as delay
scheme shot

In-game screenshot for the common elements usage scheme
scheme shot


Version prior to 0.44 are check for updated every time you load/reload your server.
It's means, thah the modulewill perform network request to the to get latest version v0.44 will notcheck for updates automatically, but you can enable updates. Create config file advancedDiodeConfig.yml in the directoryplugins/advancedDiode/
Open just created file plugins/advancedDiode/advancedDiodeConfig.yml and put into the file followingline:
updates.allow: true
This line will enable autoupdates on module load.


In-game video for plugin: Plugin's page: Please, send all your messages to:[email protected]


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