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Bukkit version 1.2+ compatibile

Velocity multiply code based on PlgRailBoost mod by Plague

v 0.4 changelog

  • Now, each powerd rail can be configured locally by using sign post with configuration values.
  • Configurable ability to force minecarts stop on unpowered rails
  • No autoupdates by default ( can be enabled via config )

What this plugin do?

You can configure your server to get custom velocity for powered rails.
By default, all minecarts have a different velocity which can be taken from powered rail.

A little information about speed-up and velocity:

  • Highest velocity will have minecart with a passenger in it.
  • Empty minecart will take less velocity, but greater than storage- or powered- minecars
  • Storage minecart get nearly lowest velocity
  • Powered minecart is a most slow cart, so it has a lowest velocity value.


Usage purposes

As can you see in a list above, all minecarts have a different velocity feature.
So, it may be not so good if you are trying to build railroad, metropolitan or simply mine elevator.

You must put 2 or 3 powered rails to get empty minecart up, but oly one for the minecart with somebody inside.

Powered rails requires gold ingots to craft, so it's a little expensive to craft a numbers rails only to serve empty carts.
But now, you can define velocity multiplier for each type of the minecart and all you carts will moves longer.


Server installation and configure


Put module JAR file ( for e.g. advancedRails.jar ) into your server plugins dir.
This module requires configuration file and it will not work without config/


After you put JAR file into th plugins dir, you need to create directory with name advancedRails, then after create config file named advancedRailsConfig.yml
Note: you can find sample config file inside the JAR file. JAR file also have mod sources.


Configuration file syntax

Generaly, configuration file keep two arrays: enabled/disabled multiplier for each type and multipliers for carts.

Check this sample

# Force immediately stop cart on unpowered rail
unpowered.force_stop: true

# Which cart will boost
boost: {
    standart: true,
    storage: true,
    powered: false

# Define multiplier for each cart type
multiply: {
    standart: 1000,
    storage: 1000,
    powered: 1

boost — array keep boost state ( enabled/disabled ) 

multipy — define velocity multipliers for each type of carts.


Configuration values

standart — is for standart minecart ( empty or with passenger )

storage — means minecart with a chest

powered — define values for loco-cart ( Minecart with Furnace )


Multipliers value

Multipliers is an integer number.
Value for multiplier cannot be negative or less than 1.

Multiplier value 1 — turns off velocity multipling for the cart type.


Forcing cart to stop

If you define velocity multiplier for the carts they may not stop on a single unpowered rail bcause of highvelocity.
But now, you can force cart to stop on any unpowered rail.

You can do it in two ways:

  1. add to the configfile this parameter

    unpowered.force_stop: true

  2. Or put sign by the side of the rail and write on it

Per-rail configuring( local configuration using sign post )

Version 0.4 gives you new handily configuring modelfor rails.
For now, you can leave your configuration file empty and define parameters for each rails separately.

You just need toput sign by the side ( left or right side ) of the powered rail, and define configuration syntax.

Right sign post has high priority.


Configuration syntax

There are 4 instruction are supported by the sign-configuration:


First three can be used to setvelocity multiplier for each minecart type, and fourth to stop carts on unpowered rail.

You can define all four instruction in same timeon a sane sign.

Check this example:


If you wrote this instructions on a sign placed near the powered rail, this will be interpreted as:

  • multiply velocity of thestandartminecart of 5
  • multiply velocity of the storage minecart of 11
  • force all carts to stop on the unpowered rails



Version prior to 0.4 are check for updated every time you load/reload your server.
It's means,thah the module will perform network request to the to get latest version

v 0.4 will not check for updatesautomatically, but you can enable updates.

Open config file located in plugins/advancedRails/advancedRailsConfig.yml and putintothe file following line:
updates.allow: true

This line will enable autoupdates on module load.

Contact author

Please, send all your messages to the [email protected]




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